18 NumberBarn Employee Fav Mobile Apps

With so many mobile apps out there, how do you know what to pick and choose?

The NumberBarn team wants to share some our favorite mobile apps that we use on a regular basis. Maybe you’ve heard of these apps or perhaps they are new to you!

Check out what we’re using and how it helps to simplify, bring joy and information to our lives.

Reading & Audio Books

OverDrive or Libby

From the NumberBarn Ranch Hands: Checkout e-Books and audio books for free, listen or read them on your device. They have a ton of books and if they don’t have one that you are looking for, you can recommend it and usually within a week they have the book available.


From the NumberBarn Ranch Hands: Audible is awesome because I can relax and listen while I’m doing something else semi-productive, like driving, walking, or doing the dishes.


Plants vs. Zombies (Available for iPhone and Android)

Risk (also available on Android)

Sudoku (also available on Android)

From the NumberBarn Ranch Hands: The games are nice to fill a little bit of time here and there when I can’t be doing something else.


Baby Feed Timer (also available for Android)

From the NumberBarn Ranch Hands: I like the Baby Feed Timer – it helps me stay on track and keep organized with my son.


From the NumberBarn Ranch Hands: This is a great project management tool for work or personal use. I use this to share a grocery list with my roommate. We check off what we buy and the list updates instantly, ensuring there are no double purchases. 


From the NumberBarn Ranch Hands: For anyone who loves movies. Easy and cheap!


T-Mobile Tuesdays 

From the NumberBarn Ranch Hands: T-Mobile Tuesday gives me free stuff like ice cream and Red Bull.


From the NumberBarn Ranch Hands: Gives instant feedback, notifications, and views into your finances. Basically self categorizes, sorts, and helps you stay on top of where you money goes.


From the NumberBarn Ranch Hands: Make money off of your grocery shopping. Can’t go wrong with that!



From the NumberBarn Ranch Hands: MealBoard is a consolidated place to store information I need to access daily.


From the NumberBarn Ranch Hands: Hungry? Get food fast and it’s even great when you have a friend coming over in an Uber and both the food and your friend are delivered at the same time. 


From the NumberBarn Ranch Hands: Ingredient labels are confusing. Scan the barcode of a food and see a breakdown of what exactly is inside. 



From the NumberBarn Ranch Hands: Figuring out the costs of how to get somewhere in a variety of ways – from train to bus to airplane – in one search. Takes away the endless Google searches!


From the NumberBarn Ranch Hands: I get updated directions on where I need to go as well as traffic alerts. 


From the NumberBarn Ranch Hands: Well, duh! This is the app you can send and receive your included SMS messages as well as place outbound calls. 

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