A Porting Poem

Porting a number from NumberBarn is simple.

Most of the time.

In May 2019, we ported 1,668 phone numbers out of NumberBarn to new service providers.

Of the 1,668 numbers that were ported out, 15 needed a little extra help from our Customer Support Team.

To be transparent, yes, sometimes issues happen. Our Customer Support Team hops to the challenge to resolve any outstanding porting issues.

Our customer, Christopher, was porting away from NumberBarn to a new service provider. He ran into some issues along the way.

Instead of getting frustrated, he wrote a poem about it.

Get your snaps ready – read the poem below!

A Porting Out Poem

There once was a barn, full of numbers, guarded by a pig.

And then one day a fox came to play but the rules he didn’t dig.

It’s a simple game, one may say, a number to port away.

But too many players with different rules and the game began to fray.

A PIN? No PIN? Whose address should I use?

Quick! Think fast, before all my hair I lose!

Alas, there is hope, there just has to be a way

For all the little animals to get along and play.

And, now, this poem I write as I patiently await

To hear what I know will be news that is great!

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