Calling all beauticians – business numbers that fit your style

You look beautiful exactly as you are!

But, who doesn’t say yes to a lil pampering with their favorite beautician? #AmIRight

Especially today, June 26th, 2019, on National Beautician’s Day!

From hair care to skin care to nails and makeup, beauticians can find their sleek easy-to-remember business number with NumberBarn.

Here are some examples:

(760) 48-SALON

To find a number ending SALON in your city and state, click here.

(858) 766-HAIR

To find a number ending HAIR in your area, click here.

(209) 88-NAILS

To find a number ending NAILS in your local area, click here.

(520) 4-MAKEUP

To find a number ending MAKEUP in your neck of the woods, click here.

Toll free numbers are also available here.

What happens after you get your beautiful new number?

  • Forward calls directly to your cell phone and never miss another client call again.
  • Forward calls directly to voicemail – then have the voicemail emailed to you – to easily keep tabs on client schedule changes.
  • Transfer your new number to your cell phone provider or another provider of your choice to use on their system.
  • You’re the most #NumberSmart beautician in town!

Depending on what you want to do, we have Step by Step Guides here.

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