5 Simple Snack Recipes for the CEO on the Go

If you’re a CEO, entrepreneur or small business owner on the go, you’re more than likely working at the computer or your phone for multiple hours throughout the day.

And, if you get hungry, you often grab what is quick, cheap and convenient, rather than what is actually going to nourish you with the energy nutrients you need. Because well, you have work to do and little time to waste!

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

While you’re building your business and working your arse off,  you must also take time to snack and nourish your body. Why?

In order provide the best care for others, we must first take the best care of ourselves.

It’s easy to store fruit, like bananas and apples, at your desk or in your laptop bag, with a mini jar or pack of organic peanut or almond butter. Baby carrots and celery with hummus are also great to toss in fridge or a cooler bag to keep at your desk.

But, if you’re craving something more hearty to make it through your busy day on the go, you’ll find 5 recipes for snacks that take little time to make. Keep them with you when hunger strikes.

5 Simple (& Healthy) Snack Recipes for the CEO on the Go


3 Ingredient Chocolate Cookies from Listotic

Make these cookies for breakfast! Add in dark chocolate and goji berries, or whatever mixins you desire. They will keep your mind alert and body fueled to solve any problem. These also go great with coffee!

Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas from JoyFoodSunshine

Looking for a salty, crispy snack? Here’s the answer! We advise to not eat these while on the phone with a potential client. Crunch!


Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Bites from SimplyTaraLynn

These are great for sweet recovery from super stressful situations that are quite common place for any business owner.

Cinnamon Apple Chips from Trial And Eater

Super easy to toss these into your laptop bag and carry around for a crunch while out and about. 

Crispy BBQ Kale Chips from Freutcake

Craving BBQ? These delicious kale chips pack nutrients, crunch and flavor into each bite. Super easy to carry with you in a bag and munch while you’re traveling.

 Enjoy and happy snacking!

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