3 common questions about NumberBarn fees

“Do you want to add avocado on your sandwich for an extra $1?”

The employee at your local sandwich shop asks this question and you ponder for a moment.

“Of course I’ll pay extra for the avocado!”

While it’s easy to know that you’re paying extra for something delicious to eat, sometimes with a number at NumberBarn, you’re not sure about the monthly fee.

In this article, we address the 3 most common questions about fees from real customers.

If I buy a phone number and port it away, do I still pay you every month?

When you purchase a phone number from NumberBarn, you’ll pay the following:

  • The one-time purchase price of the number
  • The selected plan fee + tax to keep the number active for porting

When the number ports away to a different provider, this is when you stop paying NumberBarn.

You will not continue to pay NumberBarn when your number ports away to a different provider.

To learn how to buy a new number and port it away, read our Step by Step Guide.

If I buy a phone number, why do I have to pay a plan fee if I’m not keeping my number here?

Your number must be active for the duration of a port request to a different provider.

Paying the plan fee keeps your number active.

Once the number ports away, you no longer pay us.

Are there any taxes on your plans?

Yes, NumberBarn does include state and federal related telecom taxes. The taxes will display for you on the checkout page before you make a purchase.

You can also view any past billing and taxes from within your NumberBarn account.

Read more about taxes here.

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