5 Things That Will Delay Your Phone Number Port

The number one question we get about porting phone numbers is “How long will it take?” It’s never an easy question to answer, considering the exact information needed, the number of phone service providers and their willingness (or lack thereof) in allowing a transfer. We’ve seen numbers port in as quickly as 2 days and others get stuck in a back and forth battle of information mining for 30 days. On average, most numbers will port in at 7 days or less. Those transfers that don’t happen within those 7 days are always victims of the 5 most common port killers we see everyday.

1. Incorrect Billing Information

Your current phone service provider sends you a bill every month that has your name and address. This information is used as owner registration for your phone number. When transferring a number away, for your safety, service providers require the port request information to match exactly with the registration information they have for your account. Check every name, number, street, state and yes, even your zip code. Look at your bill first. Is it a business account? The business name and address on the bill will be required to get your transfer approved.

2. Multiple Phone Numbers in Your Account

If you have multiple phone numbers in your account but are only transferring away one, service providers will need to know how you are going to handle the remaining numbers in the account. Sometimes removing a number can change special pricing, features or account status. Notify your current provider first to let them know you plan on transferring. They will offer suggestions such as temporarily moving a number to new account to clear up any confusion.

3. Billing Telephone Number

Many service providers offer bundled services that include phone, TV and internet. Your phone number that you are transferring away is probably the billing telephone number (BTN) for that bundled account. This is an instant rejection from any carrier. Once it’s gone, they will no longer have a required BTN on record. Talk to your provider first and provide them with a new BTN to speed up your port request.

4. Special Features and Open Orders

Special calling features such as distinctive ring, hunt groups and remote call forwarding need to be turned off before a number can transfer. Any open orders on your account, such as adding or canceling calling features, other number transfers and plan changes must also be completed before you submit your port request. Failure to do so will have your request immediately rejected.

5. Not Getting it Right the First Time

The biggest delay in transferring a phone number is not completing our transfer form with the correct information the first time. Every rejection and correction can result in anywhere from 3 – 5 days of added wait time. Simply verify your information first and submit it only once.

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