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A Lifeline to Eradicate Homelessness, Hunger and Drug Addiction

For James Apelstein, a recognizable phone number offers his clients not only a hotline, but a lifeline. To individuals battling addiction and homelessness, it’s essential that access to services is as simple and straightforward as possible.

A complicated phone number with a complex menu can deter someone in a crucial moment as they decide to step out and make a desperate plea for help.

That’s why Apelstein, Founder of Baltimore-based nonprofit Another Life Saved, turned to NumberBarn to find the ideal number to add to business cards, vehicles, and more. A number that’s easy to remember and easy to dial.

Another Life Saved seeks to “eradicate homelessness, hunger and drug addiction” by providing housing where individuals can receive comprehensive services to help move them out of homelessness and into self-sufficiency. “Our housing offers a safe, controlled environment like a foster home for homeless addicts,” Apelstein says. It includes recovery programs, therapy, life skills and educational training.

Less than a year old, with private funding and virtually no marketing, Another Life Saved has already served hundreds of people in the Baltimore area, receiving acclaim from local politicians, media and the community.

Apelstein also serves as the CEO of Exodus Behavioral Health, who partners with Another Life Saved to provide care for individuals facing behavioral and mental health challenges like addiction and dual diagnoses. Exodus welcomes struggling persons into a family and community with a “holistic approach to treatment that addresses the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of the recovery process.”

Apelstein points out that “no one is immune to addiction.” At any given moment, circumstances can catapult even the most unassuming individual onto a trajectory of trauma and addiction. “Watching individuals’ transformation after a few months is humbling,” Apelstein shares. “Some of our guests are the most talented people, who just need a place to get clean and safe where they are surrounded by support.”

The process of restoration and rehabilitation isn’t easy. A person may experience multiple relapses. Additionally, Another Life Saved and Exodus offer therapy, psychiatric care, and tools like meditation and mindfulness to help clients navigate their journey in recovery. A profound thank you to James, Another Life Saved and Exodus for all you are doing to help those in need in your community.

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Melana Preston is a lead Copywriter for NumberBarn and ClearHello. With her background in marketing and humanitarian work, she loves working for “a company that truly values people and meaningful connections.” When she’s not pun-tificating clever copy or dad jokes, you can find her lost behind her camera lens capturing a mountain or sunset.