I can’t find the number I wanted anymore. Can you help?

“I wanted to register a new number, but couldn’t complete the order and now I can’t find it, or it’s not showing up in your search. Can you help?”

World’s largest database with nearly 34 million numbers

Ever since we launched the world’s largest database of available US local and toll free phone numbers for purchase through our website, we seem to get this question often. So, I think some inside-Barn knowledge is needed.

NumberBarn has aggregated nearly 14 million numbers into one easy to use search tool. Individuals and businesses can use the company’s number search tool to choose a custom phone number that is easy to remember and supports their brand or service. Visitors can search by state, area code, city and keyword to find the perfect custom phone number, and NumberBarn will return premium options from dozens of sources using a proprietary search algorithm.

We cannot guarantee the number if you don’t secure the number

We get many customers saying, with good cause, that they couldn’t complete the order because they were still thinking about it, or had to run an errand, or needed to do something first. But here’s the thing: NumberBarn cannot guarantee the number if you don’t secure the number immediately. In other words, when a customer places a number in their shopping cart, we place a temporary hold on the number; however, if the order is abandoned it will be released to the public for future use and we cannot guarantee it will be around at a later time.

Register now, or risk losing that perfect number…

If you’re anything like me, and become obsessed with the perfect cadence, rhythm, or spelling of a vanity number, don’t risk losing to someone that just stumbles upon it later. If you have taken the time to search the perfect number, take the time to secure the number by completing your order. We want to meet your number needs, but we can’t make numbers reappear out of thin air when you’ve let them slip through your fingertips…or shopping cart.

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