Can’t get Twitter text notifications? Do this instead.

It’s no secret that you use Twitter. We see you posting thoughts daily! That most recent one got a lot of likes 🙂

But now, you want to use your US or Canadian local number with Twitter to get notifications.

Listen, we like you. So, we’re going to be honest: You’re out of luck, friend.

Numbers with NumberBarn are classified as landline/wireline numbers.

Twitter requires all text message notifications from their system to go to a mobile/wireless number.

This means Twitter cannot send any texts to your US or Canadian landline/wireline NumberBarn number because Twitter keeps accounts secure with mobile/wireless numbers only.

That said, you do have options!

Check out these 2 helpful guides below to guide you in the right direction:

Use email notifications instead

Update your Twitter notifications to be delivered via email. Here’s the instructions, straight from the source.

Update your phone number to your cell

Update your Twitter notifications to be delivered to your cell phone instead. These instructions over on Twitter can help.

Can’t even access your account to make changes

This helpful guide goes into several alternative options to recovering your Twitter account in the event you’re not able to login and the texts can’t arrive on your phone number.

Last resort

If all else fails, you can port your number away to a mobile provider.

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Jenny Dempsey is the Customer Experience Manager for NumberBarn