Do I need an account number and PIN to port away?

You’re ready to port your number to a different service provider.

Don’t let our tears get in the way! Of course we’ll miss you, however, our goal is to support your number needs.

This guide will show you how to find your account number and PIN, as well as other porting credentials, to ensure a successful port.

Here’s how to find your account number and PIN

The “porting away information” includes the secure credentials to port your number successfully to your new provider.

Accessible 24/7 in your NumberBarn account on all active numbers, give this information to the provider you’re porting to.

NOTE: They must enter all of the information on the port request exactly as it is listed for an approval.

Here’s how to find it when logged into your NumberBarn account:

  • Select Numbers
  • Select on your number
  • Select the Port Out tab

That link will give you the account information you need to give your desired service provider to port your number.

If it doesn’t match, it won’t port. You can learn how to resolve this using this article.

Please don’t forget to wave goodbye as you leave The Barn!

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