I paid the wrong Venmo number & the number is with you

You’re social distancing at your local farmer’s market. You are thrilled to have some fresh fruits and veggies! You pay the farm using Venmo. They are a seller that isn’t in your contacts.

You type in the farm’s number on the sign at the table and send the amount. You even add a fun carrot emoji for kicks.

Through your mask, you let the farm know the money is on the way.

However, they say they never receive it.

You review the number to which you sent the funds.


You search the number and find that it’s with NumberBarn.

What happens next?

NumberBarn actually can’t help you, even though the number is with us.

Venmo can help you, however.

After getting the help you need, you whip up a meal with your fresh produce. Bon appetit!

We believe behind every telephone number there’s a beautiful idea, opportunity, or person. We strive to create those meaningful connections every day. To learn more about us, visit NumberBarn.com and follow us on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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Written by

Jenny Dempsey

Jenny Dempsey is the Customer Experience Manager for NumberBarn