Welcome to the New Community Corral!

We have a longstanding tradition at NumberBarn of coming together in our office once a week to meet, discuss company happenings, celebrate our wins and share a meal together. We call this meeting, Community Corral. My description is a bit oversimplified. You can learn more about the format of our weekly meetings in this series of YouTube videos featuring our CEO, Matthew Veling.

In a world where we’re increasingly remote, online and apart it’s easy to forget just how important and impactful it is to come together regularly. Spending time with my colleagues creates a sense of belonging and fosters a culture of collaboration. It makes the minor inconvenience of a commute to an office totally worth it.

Introducing Community Corral

It’s with this in mind that I’m excited to announce Community Corral, our new customer community that’s integrated with our Help Center. Yes, this is an online community – so we’re not exactly getting together in person – but the hope and goal is that the NumberBarn community can come together in ways that it never has before. 

Join me as I introduce you to some of the most exciting aspects of this community. Let’s head on over to the corral and I’ll show you around.

Tell us about the features that matter most to you

No business can exist without customers – so we want to hear about the features you need to successfully use our service for the long term. Check out the “Feature Requests” section to see the features other customers have requested. 

Read the comments to see the status of a request and learn of possible workarounds. If there’s one that’s particularly important to you, click on the up arrow to vote for it and click Follow to receive updates any time they are posted on the thread.

If you don’t see a feature you’re looking for, click “New Post” to make a request. We’re eager to hear from you and learn more about your feature needs. You can know that our product and support teams actively follow Community Corral posts and will respond.

Learn about our latest announcements and product releases

Next, take a look at “The Latest” section to read the latest updates to our product and services. As a company, we aim to publish new features, updates, and bug fixes weekly. Don’t worry, we’re not going to bore you with every backend update we make, but we will definitely share the most relevant ones that will help you get the most from your NumberBarn and NumberGarage experience.

In the future, be on the lookout for exclusive opportunities to beta-test new products and features. Your input is extremely valuable to us and when our customers speak, we do our best to not only listen, but integrate that feedback and take action wherever we can. You help us shape and create the best products to bolster your daily phone number management needs. 

Get social

Our marketing team is constantly pushing out fantastic new content on social media, be it on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or X. Regardless of your frequency of social media consumption, from a lot to a little, or never at all, we’ll give you quick access to fresh inspiration, clever phone number and marketing ideas, and more in the “Social Media” and “Blog” sections. 

While we’re on that topic, have you seen what Portly the Pig has been up to lately? Don’t miss his cinematic debut, earning him an award (from us) for Best Actor! Now showing in Hulu commercials and YouTube feeds (almost) everywhere!

Ask questions and find solutions

Finally, in a community where customers and company employees are connected, it’s inevitable that customer service questions arise. 

You can always consult our Help Center and submit a ticket to our support team when you need help, but you are more than welcome to ask general questions of the community. This also has the added benefit of allowing customers to support each other. That’s why we have sections like “How to Use NumberBarn/NumberGarage,” “Porting Numbers” and “New Numbers.” 

Ask away and receive helpful responses. Don’t worry about whether you’re posting in the correct channel. And if you ever ask a question that requires a deeper look at your account, a NumberBarn team member will convert your post to a support ticket so we can better assist you.

Making meaningful connections

We’re big fans of our company mission and it translates into everything we do at NumberBarn. 

We believe behind every telephone number there’s a beautiful idea, opportunity, or person. We strive to create those meaningful connections every day.

With that in mind, how could we not create a customer community? We want to connect with you in new and meaningful ways and we want to enable you to connect with other customers to find the solutions you seek. 

So with no further adieu, we invite you to join the Community Corral. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Written by

Jeremy Watkin

Jeremy Watkin is Director of Customer Support and Experience at NumberBarn. Not only does he love serving customers, but he's a prolific writer and speaker on the topic and has been recognized numerous times for his thought leadership. Be sure to connect with him on Twitter. His handle is @jtwatkin.