Will my new wireless carrier accept a NumberBarn number?

Stop what you’re doing:

If you will be buying a NumberBarn phone number to transfer to a wireless carrier, check with that carrier first to make sure they can support your number on their network. 

The majority of carriers will accept phone number transfers from NumberBarn. NumberBarn’s numbers are classified as “wireline”.

There is nothing NumberBarn can do to change this regulatory (FCC) classification. Some service providers, most notably Cricket Wireless and Google Voice, refuse to port any number other than a number already classified as wireless.

This is a policy limitation of the provider you’re porting to. NumberBarn does not hold or otherwise prevent you from taking your number elsewhere. 

Porting your number to one of these service providers will require a workaround and modest expense but can be done successfully.

The workaround is to temporarily port your number to a wireless carrier that will accept it, then port from there to your preferred provider.

We iron out all the steps on how to do this in our guide linked below:

How to Port a Number to Cricket Wireless and Google Voice

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