How to Stay Motivated & Productive While Working from Home

At NumberBarn, we understand small business because we are one. Our Call Forwarding service allows many individuals and small businesses the option to work from anywhere in the world, including the comfort of their own homes. Many companies share the thought that telecommuting is the future, as it makes for higher levels of productivity, efficiency, flexibility and the possibility of less stress. And for anyone in business, happier employees typically means happier customers.

According to a Gallup survey, in 2012, 15% of employees worked remotely 100% of the time. Flash forward to 2016, 20% of employees are working remotely 100% of the time.

Source: Gallup

The survey findings also uncover the impact this demand has on leadership. “With a goal to enhance performance, many leaders want to offer flexibility, opportunities to work remotely and open floor plans that meet the demands of the modern workforce.”

In fact, according to Gallup, 37% of employees say they would quit their job to take on a new job that allows them to work remote, even if just part time.

So, what type of companies are bringing remote work into their culture?

Source: Gallup

The NumberBarn team works from home and meet once a week in the office.

How do we stay motivated, productive and effective while we’re telecommuting? How do we engage with one another to stay connected? Find out in our words below.


First off, while we enjoy our independence, we don’t want to feel isolated from the team. We have a company wide Slack chat in which we can communicate with one another – work related or personal. It may be sending silly GIFs to one another or we may have full blown conversations about a customer situation. Either way, we’re readily available to talk with one another. But, communication isn’t limited to just with your coworkers. Telecommuting opens the doors to engagement on a whole new level.

“Get out of the house every now and then. Get coffee. Meet for lunch. A new environment and free wifi helps the stay at home blues. And look at you! You’re getting paid to sit and sip coffee while everyone else has to run back to the office. Rockstar!” ~Brian, Co founder, NumberBarn

But, it’s also important to be aware of your communication needs and understand how telecommuting works for you.

Brian S., NumberBarn’s CTO, admits he needs collaboration. He says, “I have never had a work-from-home situation that worked well for me. Too many distractions and I really don’t do well without daily in-person interaction. It might be the type of work I do, but it’s way more motivating to sit down together to brainstorm and complete a task, rather than working remote.”


In the book, The Miracle Morning  ultramarathoner and author Hal Elrod says, “How you wake up each day and your morning routine (or lack thereof) dramatically affects your levels of success in every single area of your life.” This makes sense for marathons and it makes sense for work, too.

“Coffee, a comfortable space, and consistent rhythms are necessary.” ~Matthew, Co founder, NumberBarn

Jenny, Social Media & Customer Experience Manager, recommends treating each morning as if you were leaving for the office by getting dressed in real clothing (not PJs) and eating breakfast away from your computer. “When you take the time to treat your work from home day as a regular “work” day, it puts you in the right mindset to stay productive.” Brian M. agrees, “Get out of your PJs. Get up and get ready. It’s easy to roll out of bed and log in but you’ll feel like a sloth the entire day.” 

On that same note, Kelly, Customer Service Representative, wants you to give yourself some grace when you don’t get it “right”. She says, “I would be lying if I said I never worked in my PJs, as much as I try to get up early, eat and get dressed, it just doesn’t always happen. Relax, you will find the rhythm that works for you, especially, when you are feeling energized by your day and not overwhelmed and exhausted all the time.”


Creating a dedicated space to work can make or break productivity. An article from, Establishing Your Home Workspace, guides you through every nook and cranny to crafting a comfortable and effective area for you to spend time.

“Yes, you can work on the couch, but soon the couch will no longer be a place to relax and get away. You’ll always be working. Don’t blur the lines of home and work,” Brian M. says.

If others will be home while you’re also working at home during the day, make sure to set boundaries.

“My partner also telecommutes. We made separate office spaces in our small apartment. We each set and follow each other’s “office hours” to ensure that no one is interrupted during a busy part of their day.” ~Jenny, Social Media & Customer Experience Manager

Also, wherever your workspace may be, keep it tidy. Kelly advises to keep a clean working environment to minimize distractions. Incorporating a routine, such as Fresh Friday, may be beneficial.


If you’re in a support or service related role, you likely have set hours to follow. Even with the structure of hours, working at home makes work accessible 24/7. Resisting the urge to work more on projects can be difficult. Brian M. advises, “Call it quits at a set time every day. There will always be a project that demands a late night, so be flexible, but stay away from open ended work days.”

And, if your role doesn’t require set hours, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any easier.

Find out what time of day you are at your most creative, productive, etc. and plan accordingly. If you are most creative in the morning, use that time for your brainstorming or writing or ideas and do more minimal tasks, like checking your email or other easy projects when you are more tired or less creative. ~Kelly, Customer Service Representative

Chris M., mobile app developer and avid world traveler says, “One of the main things is just planning out what I need to do for the day. I usually start doing work in the morning to catch up on emails and perform daily checks to make sure nothing went bad overnight (revenue, systems, etc.) then I start coding. While I’m traveling, I usually stop midday to eat and sightsee, then I come back in the afternoon and work into the evening to knock out the rest of my tasks.”

And, if you’re looking for the biggest motivation to keep you productive at home, take this advice from our Co founder, Brian:

Watch the traffic report on the news. That makes me feel good about working from home every single time.

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