1 Customer, 2 Landlines and $480 Worth of Savings

The Pig and his friends at NumberBarn are here to make your life easier. And, save you a few buckeroos while we’re at it!

Dick F., our #NumberSmart customer from Ohio and Florida, was able to wrangle in the full experience. Don’t take it from us – check it out in his words below:

NumberBarn saved us $480 per year! True story!

We have homes in two locations, Ohio & Florida. Landline in each location too; yes, we continue to like a landline with no snap, crackle….disconnect, but we use cell phones for texting and travel. AT&T or cable companies had no plans to place our phone number on “park” when not at either location, consequently we were paying a base rate of $40 per month at each location. This is okay if we were there to use the phone but a waste for 5-6 months per year in each location.

NumberBarn solved our problem ….we are now only paying for the phone we are using wherever we are!

So, when leaving Ohio for Florida we contacted NumberBarn, completed a form requesting our landline be transferred (ported out) to NumberBarn with an effective date, and that all calls to our landline number be forwarded to my cell phone.

FYI, if you don’t know, we all own our phone numbers and by law are privileged to go to any provider and keep the number.

The process is working great! Incoming calls from Ohio are very few, and most robo marketing calls are screened because the phone rings for 17 seconds before hearing a recorded message I left for callers. Since we have been in Florida for three weeks, I switched from forwarded calls to “parking” the number. That said, my account continues to log phone calls to the landline number regardless if forwarded or parked. Easy to check my account daily for caller numbers. Forwarding calls is $6 per month that includes 300 minutes of messages, or $2 per month for parking the number, and you can switch service as frequently as you like.

So, in May when we return to Ohio, I will contact NumberBarn to “port out” our Ohio number to our local provider, and …. you guess it, park our Florida number until we return again.

It can all be done faster than me typing this message. FYI, this will work with any provider including cable companies. Thank you NumberBarn and a special thanks to Jenny!! I’m certain she would be pleased to chat with you on their site.


And, he’s absolutely right! Myself or another happy ranch hand from our support team is standing by to answer any questions to help you along through this process.

Thank you, Dick, for sharing your incredible story! We truly hope it helps inspire others who may be in this exact situation.

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Jenny Dempsey

Jenny Dempsey is the Customer Experience Manager for NumberBarn