Forward calls to any phone number.

Call forwarding to US and Canada

Landline or Mobile

For individual, business and toll free numbers

*Includes forwarding to US and Canada only. Looking for international forwarding? Check rates

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NumberBarn call forwarding starts at $6

A great value in an easy to use service

  • Port in from any carrier
  • Purchase new numbers
  • Port out anytime
  • No port out fee
  • Cheaper than your current bill
  • Manage online or in app
  • No hardware or install
  • No contract

And loaded with a long list of included features!

Call Forwarding

Configure your phone number to forward incoming calls out to any US or Canadian phone number. Update this forwarding number at any time and changes are instantly activated. Callers won't know their call is being forwarded. Looking for international forwarding? Check international rates
Call forwarding to US and Canada


Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to Email plays your custom voicemail greeting for callers and allows them to leave a voice message. Messages are sent to your designated email address as an audio file. You can listen to and download the message in the email or in your account call logs. Upload your own custom voicemail greeting or record one over the phone.

Text Messaging

Send and receive text messages with your NumberBarn phone numbers. Access all text messages in a single message inbox that can be filtered by phone number. Messages can be sent from any local phone number in your account. Not available for toll free numbers. Learn more
Send and receive text messages

Automated caller menu

Auto Attendant Menu

Greet callers with a custom outgoing menu that allows them to press a key on their keypad to be forwarded to a separate phone number. ("Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support...") Add one forwarding number per key for up to 10 numbers (0-9). Upload your own custom audio message or record one over the phone.

Incoming Caller ID Select

Using your number for business and forwarding to your cell phone? You'll know if that call is coming from your NumberBarn number and can answer appropriately. Select to show your NumberBarn phone number as incoming Caller ID, or the incoming caller's Caller ID.
Select your caller ID

Make calls showing your NumberBarn caller ID

Show NumberBarn Caller ID

Place calls showing your NumberBarn caller ID from ANY number in your account. We'll connect your call using your existing phone service (cell phone, work phone, home phone), or directly in your computer's browser using Wifi. We'll show the phone number you select in your account as outgoing caller ID. Learn more

Call Blocking

Getting unwanted calls? Non-stop telemarketer, robo, fraud or phishing calls blowing up your phone number? Easily add them to your blocked list. Calls will no longer reach you and you'll never hear from them again.
Block unwanted calls

Review all calls in your call logs

Call Logs

Review your incoming and outgoing phone calls for your NumberBarn phone number. Sort by billing period, phone number and/or type of call. You can listen to voicemail messages, call back using our outbound Dialer, and add numbers directly to your blocked list. Download logs in a .csv file and import into your favorite spreadsheet application.

We also have Toll Free Numbers, Local Numbers, Vanity Numbers, a Mobile App and phone number parking.

Simple Pricing
per number


Call forwarding to the US or Canada

Port in fee $5 per number
Choose a new number - starts at $5 per number
Choose This Plan
per number


Call forwarding to the US or Canada

Port in fee $5 per number
Choose a new number - starts at $5 per number
Choose This Plan
All plans support 1 phone number: Port in, new local or new toll free.

Call forwarding plans are subject to the Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) fee, Federal Cost Recovery Charge and any applicable state taxes.

Simple Setup

  1. Get a new phone number
  2. Or transfer your existing number
  3. Enter a phone number that will receive forwarded calls
  4. Done!
Let NumberBarn handle your call forwarding

Works as You Wish

  • Forward to any US or Canadian phone number
  • Send calls direct to voicemail
  • Use a menu to direct calls
  • Make instant updates

Easy Number Management

  • Simple, user-friendly Web interface.
  • Manage multiple phone numbers.
  • Changes are instantly activated.
  • Update settings at any time.
Why Use NumberBarn?

Feel safe and secure when entrusting your phone numbers to NumberBarn. We Offer:

Lowest prices for porting and parking

The lowest prices in the industry

Here to help

First-class customer support

No surprises

No contracts or hidden fees


A fun pig as a mascot

Call Forwarding FAQs

Can I purchase multiple numbers?

You can purchase as many phone numbers as you want. Additional numbers can be added to your account within your control panel after sign up. Each number requires it's own plan.

What numbers can be ported to NumberBarn?

We can port most wireless and landline phone numbers in the United States and Canada. Sorry, we don't support any other countries (yet!). Verify if we can port in your number here

What if I go over my plan's monthly minutes?

Any minutes used over your plan's monthly allotted minutes will be billed at our pay as you go rate of $0.03/minute up to a maximum of 1000 minutes/month of usage.

Will callers know their call is being forwarded?

No. Callers who dial your NumberBarn number are transparently forwarded to your number of choice.

How often can I change the number I forward calls to?

You can update your forwarding number as often as you like within your account control panel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Changes are free and instantly activated.

Does NumberBarn forward to international numbers?

Yes! International call forwarding is available and may have an additional per minute cost. Check our international rates.

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