5 Ways to Use a New Local Phone Number

NumberBarn local numbersGetting a new local phone number can be a simple solution to some everyday situations. Without breaking the bank and forcing you into a service contract, NumberBarn’s new local phone numbers offer you an inexpensive and no-risk answer. Here are 5 ways a new number can work for you:

Classified Ad

Regularly selling items online on auction web sites or in classified ads? If your listing requires a potential buyer to contact you, do you want to publish your personal phone number and expose it to the internet and compromise your privacy? With a new local phone number you simply forward calls to your existing number. Don’t want to answer all calls? Send callers to voicemail and return only the calls you want. Privacy secured.

Junk Number

Grocery rewards, frequent shopper and membership clubs are becoming the standard for every retail and service business these days. Registration generally requires a contact phone number. Keep your personal number off the marketing lists. Get your own “junk” local phone number. A junk number allows you to monitor incoming calls but maintains your sanity by saving your mobile phone from annoying spam callers.

New Business Number

Starting a new home-based business and don’t want to advertise your cell phone number as your business number? A new local phone number will allow you to have a separate “business line” but save upwards of $50 a month on traditional phone service. Select a new local number and simply forward calls to your cell phone. And at $6 a month, it won’t break your business budget.

Information Line

Managing a youth sports team requires constant communication and scheduling. Often times practice locations and hours will change. A team hotline using our Park plan allows players a single location to call and hear practice and game schedules or any updates from the coach. Players can also text the coach a message that gets delivered directly to their email. Best part, there’s no contract or commitment after the season is over.

“Pick Up” Line

Being approached in a bar and hit up for your number can be an awkward encounter. There will be times when you are willing to give up your digits, but what do you do when your suitor is not really your type? Do you just say no? A secondary phone number lets you avoid the uncomfortable confrontation and offer your “pick up” line to the offender. With our Park plan, the creeps can hear a custom recording with your voice letting them know they have been rejected. You can enjoy and relax knowing your personal number is safe.

There are no commitments or contracts with NumberBarn, so trying out a new local phone number is a flexible and inexpensive method to upgrade your personal communications. We’ve given you five examples of how a new number can integrated into your life. How will you use it?

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