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Build A Scoop Serves Up a Legendairy Ice Cream Experience

When COVID-19 shut down her livelihood and life’s work overnight, Escape Room owner and entertainment entrepreneur, Amanda Contreras had to think quickly. After driving up and down the California coast and witnessing long lines at every local ice cream shop, she thought “Wow! Who doesn’t love ice cream?” 

Amanda dishes on the inception of her craft gelato ice cream shop. “It’s not only pandemic proof, but ice cream just makes everybody happy!” She envisioned Build A Scoop, a place where she could combine her love for immersive experiences with a feel-good food that’s always in demand. 

She knew that in troubled times, ice cream supplies a quick fix for customers of all ages. Using “fresh, seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients and pure milk from grass-fed cows,” along with vegan and gluten-free alternatives, Amanda wants to make Build A Scoop accessible for all. 

At NumberBarn “We believe behind every telephone number there’s a beautiful idea, opportunity, or person. We strive to create those meaningful connections every day.”

We were thrilled to hear how Amanda’s passion behind Build A Scoop shares a similar purpose.

“Yes we love ice cream, but it’s so much more than ice cream. I wanted to create an environment with a small-town flavor, where customers also find human connection and personal interaction.” Visitors frequently rave that “Build A Scoop has a ‘Mainstreet Disneyland’ charm to it.”

Her industrial and steampunk-inspired store lets customers’ creative gears turn as they build their own unique combinations like Pie Scoop or Mango Tajin Takis. Servers infuse nitrogen directly into visitor’s personal creations, producing a dramatic fog and steam effect. Or, customers can keep it simple with traditional flavors and succulent sorbets. 

Build A Scoop plans to branch out nationwide, starting with soon-coming locations across Southern California and Arizona. And with this summer’s scorching heatwaves, we know customers will be elated to chill out with their personally crafted gelato combinations. 

With its rapid expansion, Amanda knew that Build A Scoop would quickly need a national phone number. Amanda snagged (844) 8-SCOOPS, or (844) 872-6677, as an easy-to-remember number that could represent her stores nationwide. She appreciates that it also conveniently forwards wherever she needs it while she launches Build A Scoop across the country. 

Thanks for the inside scoop on your exciting company story, Amanda! We wish Build A Scoop sweet and udder success as it mooves forward. We can’t wait to visit a store near us soon!
Check out Build A Scoop at any of these locations and follow their Instagram at @buildascoop.

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Melana Preston is a lead Copywriter for NumberBarn and ClearHello. With her background in marketing and humanitarian work, she loves working for “a company that truly values people and meaningful connections.” When she’s not pun-tificating clever copy or dad jokes, you can find her lost behind her camera lens capturing a mountain or sunset.