The scoop on porting away to any service provider

You scooped up a new phone number from NumberBarn.

Now, you want to transfer it away to a different service provider.

So, uh, can you transfer it to just any service provider?

You can transfer to any provider that can support your phone number’s locality (city and state) or rate center.

Your new service provider must support the city and state of your phone number in order for your number to be ported to their system.


Different service providers work with different carriers around the country. Not all carriers support every single city and state.

We recommend checking on this before you purchase your phone number from NumberBarn.

How do I check to make sure that my provider can support my number?

  1. Contact your new provider by phone, email, chat, text, in person, snail mail, courier pigeon – however you communicate – reach out to them.
  2. Give them your phone number.
  3. Ask them if your number is portable to their company.
  4. They’ll tell you “yay” or “nay”.

Some mobile providers actually let you check this online. The links below are suggestions for popular mobile carriers only. You still should reach out to your desired provider directly to verify.

Can I transfer my number to AT&T?

Can I transfer my number to Verizon?

Can I transfer my number to Sprint?

Can I transfer my number to T-Mobile?

Now that you know you can transfer a number to your desired service provider, how do you begin to buy the number and transfer it away?

Step by Step Guide to Buy a New Number & Transfer It Away

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