About Us

Our Company

NumberBarn was conceived with one simple goal in mind:
Help consumers get a fair telecommunications service that is also simple to use.

The phone industry is complicated. Most services offer too many plans, prices and more features than what any one customer really needs. They are all competing with other top-heavy, executive driven companies that care more about the bottom line than you. Plain, old fashioned service is lost on bells and whistles that make providers feel good about their check marks, but leave the customer feeling overwhelmed.

Our Solution

Create a great product and trusted brand that brings value to our customers

With a decade of roots and expertise in internet telephony, our founders had a vision to create a simple phone service that provides a reliable value to our customers. Our collective experience has made us aware of the importance of financial value and the balance between features and customer experience.

NumberBarn has created a simple tool for phone number management. With a strong focus on reducing bloat in staff, not forcing over-priced features and stopping unfair price gouging, we are able to provide a high value service at an unbelievable price.