Can’t Receive the Authorization Code for Your Port Request?

It’s not a too far-fetched question to ask how to authorize a phone number port without being able to receive a verification call or text code to that number. If you submit your port request and do not authorize it right away, we’ll hound you with reminder emails. It’s the leashed we can do to ensure your port is submitted in a timely manner. This article will give you a few pointers on how to scoot around authorizing your port woof-out the verification code and get your phone number pup and running in no time!

So, what is porting anyways?

Porting is the term we use to transfer a phone number from one service provider to another. Hot diggity dog!

What does it mean to authorize my port?

When porting a number to NumberBarn from another service provider, you’ll need to authorize (or paw-thorize, your choice) your port request.

You can authorize your request on the number you are porting via a phone call or text message that provides a 4 digit verification code. You enter this code into your online account with the port. Not too ruff!

It takes about 3-10 business days from that point for the number to doggie paddle from your current service provider to your account with NumberBarn.

However, in some cases, you mutt not be able to receive the authorization call or text message to the number you are porting.

Can you send my authorization to another phone number?

No shih-tzu! NumberBarn cannot send the text message or phone call code to any other number besides the one you are porting. The reason is because we must verify ownership of the actual number you are moving. We cannot verify ownership of the phone number on a different phone number.

What if my phone number is not active?

The phone number must be active to port from one provider to another. In the event your number is not active, you’ll want to check with your current service provider to ensure they will transfer the phone number in the current status. Don’t terrier yourself up over this, just give your provider a call.

How do I authorize my port woof-out a call or text?

In the event you are unable to chase down that text or call code to authorize your number, you can submit a Letter of Authorization (LOA) and recent copy of bill (COB) or screenshot of your online account. Please review the instructions below:

How to fetch your Letter of Authorization (LOA) 

  • Login to your account
  • Select Numbers from the navigation bar
  • Select the Get LOA Instructions button below your phone number port under Option 2.

You will be shown instructions for downloading, signing and submitting our Letter of Authorization (LOA). This form verifies your paw-thorization to transfer the phone number to NumberBarn. 

Copy of Bill (COB)

If submitting an LOAyou’ll also need to roll over a copy of bill from within the last 30 business days from your current service provider. Should you not have a copy of bill available, you can bark a screenshot of your online account showing your name, number and account information will be acceptable.

Send both documents to us via and we’ll scoop the submission for you.

And because this post is all about dogs, why don’t we end on a punny note?

What does my dog and my phone have in common?

They both have collar I.D.

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