Create Your Own Custom Message on the Park Plan

The NumberBarn Park plan allows you to do just that – park your number. Similar to how we park a car in a parking spot to hold it for later – it’s not moving. Just sitting there waiting for you.

What the Park plan CAN do:

  • Receive incoming calls to a 30 second recording that states the number is parked.
  • Send and receive SMS messages (no limit).
  • Email notifications when you receive an SMS.

What the Park plan will NOT do:

  • Receive a phone call in which you can answer it.
  • Place outbound calls using the number.
  • Receive voicemail.

Don’t feel too limited, however.

That $2/month gets you those incoming calls to a recording of your choice – either you can use our general recording OR you can create your own custom recording.

The standard recording that comes with every plan sounds like this:

If you’re not a fan of that, no worries! It won’t hurt our feelings. Upload your own recording and remember, it will be capped at 30 seconds for the Park plan.

The scenarios below, with sample recording scripts, can be used as a guide in creating your own custom Park message.

You’re changing your number and want your callers to reach you on a new number.

Sample recording: “Thanks for calling! You’ve reached Jenny’s old cell phone number. I’m ditching this number and you can reach me at 867-5309. Please hang up and call me there. Thanks!”

Your business isn’t open yet, but it will be soon.

Sample recording: “Thanks for calling The Pig’s BBQ Restaurant. We’re almost open for business! Please visit our website for the most up to date status. See you soon!”

You don’t want your caller to hear anything.

If you’re trying to kick robocallers to the curb or you just don’t want your callers to hear anything, you can upload or create a custom recording of silence.

For the full list of steps on how to update this message, watch our tutorial below:

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Jenny Dempsey

Jenny Dempsey is the Customer Experience Manager for NumberBarn