Episode #6: Due Date Cannot Be Met

On this episode of Ask the Pig, we’re talking about porting a number away to a different service provider and receiving an error for Due Date Cannot Be Met.

What does this error mean and how can you fix it to have your number electric slide it’s way out of the barn to your desired service provider?

We’ll show you!

Numbers with NumberBarn are classified by the FCC as landline/wireline numbers. With this classification, when your desired service provider submits their request, they must select the earliest available porting date on the calendar. If they receive “due date cannot be met”, it means that they have selected a date outside of the range of porting. They’ll want to update their selection to at least 5 business days out on the schedule.

Most service providers know that they must select this, but the Due Date Cannot Be Met error comes back to remind them just incase.

To resolve, just ask your service provider to select a date further out on the schedule for it to be approved.

That’s it!

For more information on how to port your number away to a new service provider, click here.

If you have any questions about your port out request, feel free to email our support team. We’ll be happy to help!

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