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Finding the Perfect Phone Number Just Got Easier

At NumberBarn, we realize that you’ve come to our website looking for a telephone number that will:

  • Make you proud to share it with your friends, family, and colleagues
  • Have your small business be top of mind for potential customers who want to reach you
  • Help your brand stand out during your next marketing campaign

But we also recognize that a couple of problems exist in finding a number that perfectly accomplishes your goals.

First, that ideal number may be out of your budgeted price range. Though with millions to choose from, there’s often a cost-effective alternative — it’s just a matter of finding it.

This leads us to the second problem of sifting through tens of millions of numbers to find just the right one. Are you saying that’s not your idea of a good time?

We get it and we hear you. That’s why we’ve done a couple of things recently to make it easier to find that perfect, affordable number to achieve your goals.

Introducing licensing

Some might not realize that there’s a large group of vendors who list their numbers in the NumberBarn marketplace. One perceived gap in our offering, however, for these vital customers and partners has been the fact that they were limited to selling local numbers only — not toll free numbers.

What’s our solution to making more numbers accessible to our customers and helping our vendors be more successful? Enter licensing. 

Put simply, our marketplace now features thousands of local and toll free numbers available to be licensed for a monthly fee.

Why might licensing be the perfect option for you? Here are a few reasons:

  • Lower price point – In the case of local numbers, the monthly license fee is typically a fraction of the typical sale price for that same number. 
  • Access to toll free numbers – Unable to purchase these numbers in our marketplace, customers can now access more high-quality toll free numbers thanks to licensing.
  • Short-term commitment options – Numbers can be licensed for as short or as long a term as you want. Do you need the number for a 2-month marketing campaign? No problem. Just cancel the license when the campaign is finished.

What a great way to make some incredible numbers instantly more accessible to customers. If you’re interested to learn more about licensing a number or listing your own numbers to be sold or licensed, check out our help center for answers to all of your licensing questions.

Unveiling a new and improved number search page

Now we’re on to the task of making it easier for you to find that perfect number. Your quest undoubtedly begins on our Number Search Page — and if it’s been a while since the last time you were there, you’ll quickly see that the page has changed a bit.

Better filtering

The biggest improvement is our newly redesigned Filters over on the left side of the page. As you search for a local or toll-free number you can apply some of the following filters:

  • Get it Now – Find numbers that are available for your use in two hours or less.
  • Find a Block – Get a series of numbers in sequential order. This is ideal for offices that require a line or extension for each employee.
  • For Sale Only – See a list of numbers available for sale. This may also include some numbers that are available both for license and for sale.
  • For License Only – See a list of numbers available for license. This may also include numbers that are available both for license and for sale.
  • City – If multiple cities are represented in the state or area code you’ve selected, narrow down your search to a specific city.
  • Pattern – We have tons of catchy patterns to choose from. Just for fun, check out “Million” and “Repeater” where you can get numbers with 6 or 7 of the same digit.
  • Price – Search for numbers in your desired price range.

… And even more filtering

Finally, keep in mind that you can pair multiple filters together to further narrow your search. For example, if you want to find numbers available for license in a certain price range, you can do that.

Now, take a moment to go to the Number Search Page and try searching for local numbers near you.

Since it’s winter, I’m going to dream of warmer weather and see what numbers are available in Miami, Florida’s 305 area code. With thousands of numbers to choose from, I can quickly use the filtering options listed above to find a great number.

For added flexibility, use the “Sort by” dropdown in the top, right corner to arrange the listing by price — either low to high or vice versa. 

We’re here to help you find the perfect phone number

If you’re looking for more pro tips to aid in your search, be sure to click “Search help?” in the upper left corner for a quick reference. Also, check out our more detailed Guide to Finding the Perfect Number in the Help Center.

Finally, our customer support team is here to assist you in your search any time you need help. But before you start thinking we’re just talking about our customer support because that’s what companies do, read what a couple of customers have said about us recently in response to our customer satisfaction survey:

Always the utmost in courteousness, kindness, efficiency, and promptness. By far the absolute best customer care from any services I’ve utilized to date.

And I especially like this one:

Outstanding, superb, best in the business. I don’t know how else to describe how the whole team went out of their way to fix a problem that wasn’t even theirs. Numberbarn and the team will have my business for life. Thank you all so much! You saved our first day of business.

So, WE think we’ve made it easier for you to find the perfect number with the introduction of licensing and improved search functionality. Now, let us know what YOU think.

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Jeremy Watkin

Jeremy Watkin is Director of Customer Support and Experience at NumberBarn. Not only does he love serving customers, but he's a prolific writer and speaker on the topic and has been recognized numerous times for his thought leadership. Be sure to connect with him on Twitter. His handle is @jtwatkin.