How much is my phone number worth?

Thinking of selling a phone number and you’re not sure what price to set?

When you list your local phone numbers for sale with NumberBarn, you can choose whatever price you want!

Grab a coffee and get ready to learn how to set that price.

When it comes to pricing a number, do your research!

Start by checking out comparable numbers in our existing online inventory.

  • Go here:

  • Enter the area code of your number.
  • Check out the results. Filter to accomodate your number type.
  • Keep an eye on the pricing of those numbers.

Make a note of that pricing and when it comes time to sell, you can enter the price.

Yes, you can always change the pricing of a number.

Here’s some advice

  • Repeaters, thousands and easy to remember combinations are typically higher value.
  • Some area codes are priced a bit higher because they have all been assigned and now must be purchased from a reseller.

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