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How “Slide Into Vegas” Slid Into Our Hearts

What do pigs and bounce houses have in common? They’ll keep you on (or off) your toes and you’ll never get “boared”! We recently discovered Slide into Vegas, and delightfully, their sweet mini pig named Peaches. Naturally, we couldn’t wait to feature them.

A family-owned and operated business located outside of Las Vegas, NV, Sean and Ciara Huddleston’s bounce house business has catapulted into a community sensation.

Slide into Vegas Blows up Overnight

“Slide into Vegas happened like most of our family’s ideas – totally random, slightly crazy, a spur of the moment dream. We always rented slides and bounce houses for our boys’ birthdays and events,” Ciara shares. But the Huddleston family had some disappointing experiences with a few local bounce house companies, whose services often proved unreliable and impersonal. “It never failed, we would stress every moment until the ‘slide guy’ showed up.”

The companies never confirmed, expected cash only, the “slide guy” never exchanged names, and the bounce houses arrived only arbitrarily cleaned and sanitized. “It was shady, to say the least, but it’s all we knew.”

And “then it happened. On the last day of Spring Break, our boys sat and waited for a slide, and it never showed up. The very next day we put together a business plan and within 27 days, launched Slide into Vegas.” To Sean and Ciara’s amazement, their first booking was “just 32 days after the shady slide guy stood up our kids.”

A Party For the Whole Community

Only one year later, Slide into Vegas has “proudly earned a 5-star customer service rating from the Las Vegas community.” Slide into Vegas has already expanded beyond bounce houses and traditional inflatable slides. Their full-service party-outfitting options include giant inflatable water slides (perfect for those hot desert days), foam parties, yard games, and party essentials like stereo speakers and even a 20-foot outdoor big screen TV.

Slide into Vegas also makes a point to prioritize serving military families in their local community. “We’re honored to have worked alongside some of the incredible families at Nellis Air Force Base giving back to the families that help fight for ours,” Ciara says.

Celebrating and incorporating family is integral for Slide into Vegas, their family-operated company primarily serving other families throughout Las Vegas. Ciara’s own kids have become heroes in the story of slides and bounce houses. “Our boys never have to wait on the shady slide guy again, instead they get to help bring joy to other kids because they are the slide guys.”

A big Connect Four game in front of a bunch of balloons shaped as an arch and a shark inflatable.

NumberBarn Jumps Into the Story

In the first few days of building their business, Ciara and Sean stumbled across NumberBarn and “knew right away we’d need them to make our business stand out.”  “We wanted a number easy to remember with the word SLIDE in it, and Number Barn gave us just that,” Ciara shares. NumberBarn “totally separated us from the shady slide guy! As our needs grew, NumberBarn converted us over to NumberGarage to allow us to purchase another special number for our Foam business.”

NumberBarn and NumberGarage helped port all of their business phone numbers into one place. “Most importantly as an extremely small family business,” NumberBarn and NumberGarage “provided us with the app to keep in touch with our customers while keeping personal calls separate. We’re coming up on our 1-year anniversary of launch and NumberBarn / NumberGarage have been with us every step of the way!”

Two Pigs in a Pod

And then there’s Peaches, the Huddleston’s five-month-old miniature pig. When the team at NumberBarn heard about Peaches, we knew we had to “meet” her. “Peaches the Pig was just as random as the Slide business,” Ciara divulges. Helping deliver a water slide to a farm petting zoo, their son instantly fell in love with the farm’s pig. For months, their son “begged, pleaded, and essentially guilted us into considering a house pig.” 

While mini pigs have gained recent popularity, they’re not exactly the most common household pet. As the self-proclaimed “dog people” Ciara and Sean were, the answer was “a hard no for a while.” Their son, however, could not be dissuaded. “We eventually fell down the rabbit hole, or into the pig trough in this case, of research and pig videos. Soon after, we stumbled across a 2-pound Peach. The rest is history.” (Swine not!)

Twist and Snout for Peaches the Pig

“Peaches Monroe, or Peachy, Meeper, Peacher Teacher. The nicknames are as endless as her conversations,” Ciara says. Peaches “never stops talking.” Beyond oinks, she barks and has a funny way of saying ‘hi’ that sounds a lot like a cartoon Hyena laughing.” And she doesn’t discriminate in her consumption, except for one thing. “She loves all foods except broccoli. She’ll eat spinach, brussel sprouts, she’d even take a bowl of ice, just not broccoli.”

Highly intelligent animals, studies show that pigs can outsmart dogs and even 3-year-old children. Peaches is more clever than the Huddlestons anticipated. She “can hold her own on many challenges” including solving puzzles in seconds and “twirling like a ballerina.” Her personality shows in her fashion sense as well. “She is stubborn, sassy and loves dressing up in anything from tutus to basketball jerseys.” 

Don’t try to have a personal discussion without her. Peaches seems to have some serious FOMO, oinking her way into any conversation. “She has a pitch that could match Mariah Carey and if you’re on the phone she thinks that’s her time to shine,” Ciara mentions. Peaches ensures that “everyone knows when she’s walking into the room, always demanding to be the center of attention.” An average day for Peaches entails “making Tik Toks, stealing the living room lamp and cuddling with her boy. She is the sweetest Peach you’ll ever meet, one of a kind for sure.”

Now it’s Your Turn

At NumberBarn, we believe that behind every phone number is a beautiful person (or pig), idea, or opportunity. We’re thrilled to support Slide into Vegas with their custom phone number and porting, helping propel their vision into reality. Are you a small or family-owned business? We can help you better navigate your personal and business phone number needs!

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