How to pay for your NumberBarn number

You just found your dream vanity phone number!

Now, how do you actually pay for it?

Here’s the scoop on all things billing for your NumberBarn account:

When do you pay?

You don’t pay us until your number is with us.

This means that if you bought a new number from us, you are not billed until that number is active.

If you are porting a number to us, you don’t pay us until the number completes port to us.

We’ll email you when your number is ready to go. That’s when you are charged.

How do you pay?

  • Payment can be made via Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover via your NumberBarn account.
  • You’re billed for service with us automatically using the card on file every month.

If you transfer your number away from NumberBarn, your billing stops with us once the number completes to your new provider.

  • We do not accept payments via PayPal.
  • All payments are in USD.

Need to change your payment method on file? Here’s how:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click the Account top main menu item
  3. Find the Payment Method section
  4. Click the Update/Add Card button
  5. Save your changes

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Jenny Dempsey

Jenny Dempsey is the Customer Experience Manager for NumberBarn