How we built our customer service internal knowledge base

The best way to ensure your agents provide the correct answers to your customers is to have an internal knowledge base for your team to access at any time.

But creating one solid place for your team to access can be a large undertaking.

How do you build it? How do you keep it updated?

Let us share our journey to creating our own internal knowledge base that helps our team best support our customers.

Traveling back in time to the early days at The Barn, when we were a support team of less than 4 people, we used a Google Doc titled, “Support Processes & Procedures” to keep track of the things we can do to resolve customer issues.

A sample of the internal Support Processes & Procedures table of contents

As our team grew, we realized that a Google Doc was not scalable. It was hard to search and the formatting with screenshots was messy.

With expanding knowledge and a growing team, we knew we needed to move to something more robust yet affordable.

So, we moved to Trello, a project management tool that keeps track of well, everything.

A sample of our Trello board with different topics + cards with instructions.

In Trello, we created a board called “Support Guide”. Then, we created different lists for each topic, such as CSR Resources, as seen in the picture above. Then, we created topic cards on each list. Trello has this great resource on how to use a board for support teams.

Our Support Guide board with Trello expanded our team’s knowledge in new ways. Information was easier to find, follow and update.

However, we ran into issues with the search tool pulling up results from other boards that our team uses, such as from different departments. And, updating cards with new details became complicated. Add in a lack of a clickable table of contents on cards, we learned over time that this made our day to day jobs tougher to find the information we needed to solve problems.

With our team at almost 10 people now, we needed a place where searching for answers was even easier.

Meet Piggy Portal!

Using the Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs WordPress plugin and making it password protected, we build out our pig-tastic internal knowledge base with answers to everything an agent here at The Barn needs to know to go above and beyond for our customers.

Anything from troubleshooting to billing to management training and more.

Each article on Piggy Portal has a comments section. If something is outdated on an article, the agent can leave a comment. Then, it’s up to our Customer Experience Manager to update the information. Categorizing and organizing articles is also much easier using this WordPress plugin, too.

We’ve found that our team feels more confident in answering customer questions, and if answers are missing, the communication is easy to publicize and get things updated quickly.

If we can answer any questions for you and your customer support team on how we made Piggy Portal, know you can always reach out.

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Jenny Dempsey

Jenny Dempsey is the Customer Experience Manager for NumberBarn