I can’t access your website using Internet Explorer

Are you a diehard Internet Explorer user? That’s okay, we still love you. But, Internet Explorer may not love NumberBarn. Let our customer, Richard, give you the scoop on what is actually happening while using IE with NB:

I’d like to help your customers with IE 11 troubles in reaching your NumberBarn website but, it is such a vast subject that can have many facets involved.

For example:

  • The count of running iexplore.exe processes at any given time.
  • A VPN server location(s) being used.
  • Computer programs & browser extensions running that are to help in ones privacy-security-anti tracking.
  • Background intense computer programs running while browsing the site using up their system resources.

My best advice is, if any customer/visitor is having any NumberBarn website troubles, then be open to try another browser with a different web engine.

If the IE web browser is mainly used on the NumberBarn site, then to whitelist NumberBarn in your add-on programs and extensions, and/or then try disabling all the programs and browser extensions that would make the NumberBarn site render in error, slow, incomplete, and otherwise limited for you. 

Using the IE 11 (or another IE version) web browser as naked as possible and see if a difference can be witnessed at your PC’s end of the NumberBarn website.

I can personally attest that the NumberBarn staff did all they could do to running down the problems I had seen on their website. In the end, it was my paid for ad-blocker program that I use, and was causing my own material problems on their website.

~Richard (a NumberBarn customer) 

As we – NumberBarn – try our best to offer the site to you as tested and error free as possible, many privacy, anti-tracking and such system programs and browser extensions you may have installed can be a cause to hamper your visit to our website and your experiences herein.

Feel free to check out these alternate browser options in case you’re considering using a different browser:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

PC Mags Rated Browsers for 2017*

*Note, we cannot vouch for every browser on here. Please use the same rule of thumb as listed above when trying a new browser.

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Jenny Dempsey

Jenny Dempsey is the Customer Experience Manager for NumberBarn