Is my NumberBarn number wireless or wireline?

Lines are around us everywhere we look.

From the architecture of a building to the lines on the road, lines give us structure.

NumberBarn numbers, whether you purchase it from us or port it to us, are classified as landline/wireline numbers.

Can I turn a wireless number into a wireline number?

Yup! When you port (also called “transfer”) your cell phone number to us, it’s converted from a wireless number to wireline number.

Here’s how to port your number to NumberBarn!

Can I turn a wireline number back into a wireless number?

Yup! You can port your wireline NumberBarn number to a wireless number with a mobile provider that can support it.

This means you will port it away from NumberBarn and the number will be on your cell phone with another provider that can support it.

This process of porting a number away takes about 3 to 10 business days.

After the number is ported, you no longer pay NumberBarn. You pay your new provider instead.

Here’s how to port your number away from NumberBarn!

And that’s where we draw the line!

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