Step by Step Guide: How to Purchase a Number & Port Away in 4 Easy Steps

So, you want to just purchase a number and port away? Here’s your guide on how to make that dream come true. Follow the instructions outlined below.

Step 1: Find your number

Start by finding your number. You can search local and toll free phone numbers currently in inventory our website. Pay attention to the activation time frame of the number before you make your selection:

  • This time frame is visible before you purchase the number as well as afterward in your NumberBarn control panel.
  • The number will not be “active” until that time frame completes.
  • We email you once the number is active.
  • Once you receive that email, you can initiate your port request to your new provider.

Step 2: Select a plan

Even if your number is with us for a short time, you’ll need to select a service plan to keep your number active during the porting process. You can view our plans and pricing here. Once your number ports away, you no longer pay us. You’ll pay your new provider. If you want some advice, if you’re looking to port away after your number has activated, select our Port Away plan.

Step 3: Number activation

As mentioned above, you cannot port your number away until it’s activated. The time frame for activation will also be available for you in your NumberBarn account by selecting Numbers from the navigation bar and selecting on your number. For more information on how activation works, click here. Note we also do not charge you until your number activates in your account.

Step 4: How to port away

First, obtain the porting away details from within your NumberBarn account. If you’re not sure how that works, click here. Once you have those details in hand, contact your new provider to initiate the port request to their service. This can take anywhere from 3-7 business days to complete (note this does not include weekends or holidays).

Here’s an infographic to guide you through the steps:

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