Rollie Pollie Egg Roll Factory Shares the Secret Sauce to Their Success

Speaking with Anthony Pierce, we were eggstatic to hear more of the incredible story behind Rollie Pollie Egg Roll Factory. Only a little more than a year old, his Pennsylvania-based custom egg roll food truck company is already expanding to serve parts of West Virginia and Maryland as well.

Anthony and his fiance, Megan Williams, were running Sober Living houses.

“I was a drug and alcohol counselor, and we were running about four different Sober Living houses at the time the pandemic hit,” Anthony shares. “A lot of people started losing their jobs, and you know for people in recovery that’s a hard thing to deal with. To brighten the mood we started cooking for everybody.” They cooked for over thirty people a day and started going to different counties.

“So, I made everybody egg rolls and everybody loved them,” Anthony says. “Then it kind of was like, well, what else can we put in them?” After experimenting with combinations and ingredients for a few weeks and sharing with recovery home guests, Anthony’s life took a different turn. Among other big changes, he found himself facing back surgery.

Realizing his personal trajectory had changed, he thought “hey, if we’re gonna land, we’ll take a chance on these egg rolls.” Always along for the ride, his “rollie pollie English Bulldog, Dozer, quickly became the mascot,” Anthony adds.

Who is Rollie Pollie Egg Roll Factory?

Who is Rollie Pollie Egg Roll Factory? “We are a mobile food business, with down-home cooking wrapped up in a crispy shell, with 92 different rolls. Everything is wonton wrapped, from baby pickles for appetizers to bacon-wrapped scallops. Delicious food wrapped up and deep-fried. Our menu changes frequently, and also caters to events,” Anthony says.

With a history in culinary arts and also his own experience coming out of addiction recovery, Anthony expresses his powerful motivation and mission behind his company. “With four years clean and sober, and about to have three college degrees, I want to be a voice for those who have been stigmatized. Given the right opportunity, people can change.”

Anthony hopes to eventually franchise his business and create restaurants in major cities, also employing individuals coming out of recovery and partnering with local organizations to provide culinary training. “We want to start a non-profit that collects extra food from local colleges, etc. to give to sober living houses to subsidize their food expenses.” Anthony tries to consistently “Preach the P’s – no matter what you lose, you always have your Potential, once you come out of the fog, find your Passion, then make a Plan, and ultimately pursue your Purpose.”

Rollie Pollie Egg Roll Factory’s food truck (with their personalized phone number)!


Anthony’s unique NumberBarn phone number helps guests reach Rollie Pollie faster. He exclaims that his custom-wrapped truck “also works as an advertisement. Having 83 EGG ROLLS  on it, who’s not going to remember that!”

A recognizable vanity number lets customers quickly get more direct details on food items, locations and event bookings. “The more branding that we do, it’s really important for us to get a number that we can stick with and is stable that’s gonna bring people in.” 83 EGG ROLLS succinctly spells out what his company is all about.

Creations like the “Crack Chicken Roll” which features extra cheesy chicken, bacon and ranch deep fried in a wonton roll, or the Mac N Cheese roll, keep Anthony’s customers returning for more East Coast “down-home cooking” comfort food. “There’s a lot of different ingredients in the egg rolls but all have love and flavor.”

Rollie Pollie Egg Roll Factory strives to “make people happy through food, be an event and an experience, to make people’s day.” Creating meaningful customer connections is NumberBarn’s mission. We love that Anthony’s NumberBarn number is helping facilitate meaningful moments with his guests and customers at Rollie Pollie Egg Roll Factory. We’re even more excited that his company wants to champion people out of addiction and onto their feet, one egg roll at a time.

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