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Have you been holding on to those catchy phone numbers and don’t know what do with them? Become a vendor and sell them with NumberBarn!

Over 9,000,000 searches are performed through NumberBarn’s search engine every month. Becoming a vendor ensures you’ll participate in the world’s largest marketplace of local and toll-free numbers. Leverage our industry know how, positioning, and experience today to earn more sales and move your local phone number inventory.

How It Works:

You can port your phone number to NumberBarn from another provider or sell numbers from your existing account:

  • You can list one or all of your local phone numbers for sale with a few clicks.
  • Each number is individually priced and there is no “listing fee” to get started.
  • You set the price and NumberBarn handles all billing, credit card processing, and fraud checks for all brokered sales.
  • Sales proceeds can be used to cover NumberBarn account registrations, or paid out directly via PayPal.
  • You’ll have access to an online control panel in which you can view the status of your sales at any time.

Marketplace commissions are 25% for dealing with all the things you don’t want to: advertising, processing, support, maintenance, and merchant fees.

What You Need:

  • Active NumberBarn account in good standing
  • Phone number(s) must be active in your account
  • All numbers must have been acquired in good faith and fraud free
  • Complete program application & agree to Terms and Conditions

Why Choose NumberBarn:

With our best in class customer service, industry leading pricing, seller based features and fun pig as a mascot, it just makes sense to choose us. Here are more reasons why:

  • Support for local & toll free numbers
  • Simple account interface
  • Fiercely competitive pricing for large collections
  • Streamlined digital LOA port-ins
  • One-click number transfers
  • Fast, automated porting within our Tier 1 footprint
  • Number security: test calls & LRN monitoring
  • Custom port-out PINs and transfer lock
  • Dedicated account rep

How to Apply:

Ready to apply? Our Marketplace Vendor program is available to all active accounts.

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Need More Info:

Check out all the details on our website:

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Jenny Dempsey

Jenny Dempsey is the Customer Experience Manager for NumberBarn