5 Most Important Character Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

This post was written by Matthew Veling, Co-Founder of NumberBarn.com

Entrepreneurship is more than peddling widgets, managing systems, or being a taskmaster. It’s an art form, an expression of your idealized world, and a beautiful intersection of child-like imagination and sheer determination. But with the cyclical nature of business, seasoned entrepreneurs quickly learn they need more to fall back on than yesterday’s sales figures. They need a framework for decision-making, motivation, and continued inspiration. That’s why character formation is so important, and every entrepreneur should develop certain muscles for ongoing success.

Entrepreneurs should remain…


about new ideas, because learning is the backbone of progress, and innovation.


allows one to ask why we do what we do, and find new ways to solve old problems.


includes different voices around the table to overcome blind spots, and create space for the melding of minds.


allows us to stare down fear of the unknown, and sail smoothly through the chaotic waters all businesses face.

But above all,


sets us apart from all other life forms and reminds us that entrepreneurship is about creating the greater for the sake of others.

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