The #1 trick to reduce Spam calls with NumberBarn

Spam calls? Donut disturb!

Spam calls jam-pack your phone lines these days. Your eyes glaze over with frustration.

It’s time to stop fryin’ and fight the batter!

This sweet article is sprinkled with a bite sized setting you can enable on your NumberBarn phone number to help cream those spam calls.

We’ve served up a platter of helpful tricks over on our article, How to Get Rid of Annoying Robocallers, but like donuts, sometimes, one just isn’t enough.

A fabulous NumberBarn employee recently purchased a new phone number and received a ton of Spam calls on it. So, she set up an Auto Attendant Menu. Her success with blocking spam callers inspired this post.

Here’s the trick that works

Set up a menu to route your calls.

Included with the Call Forwarding plan, for no extra fee, is the option to forward your phone number to an Auto Attendant Menu.

When forwarding to a Auto Attendant Menu, the Auto Attendant greeting will answer your calls, instructing your callers to select an option to reach you.

Callers then select a numeric option on the keypad to connect with you or are sent to voicemail.

Why this works

Spam callers don’t have fingers to make a selection on the Auto Attendant Menu.

They’ll call in and will be sent to the ethers, not direct to your phone or voicemail.

Those that you do want to talk to will select an option on the Auto Attendant Menu to connect with you.

Note that their call will count toward your NumberBarn Call Forwarding plan minute usage.

Set it up

Here’s an example Auto Attendant Menu that we like to call, “Spam Call Fryer“:

  • Callers dial to your NumberBarn phone number
  • The Auto Attendant Menu Greeting plays, giving dial options
  • Callers press option 1, it rings to your cell phone
  • Callers press option 2, it forwards to the Donut Joke of the day
  • Callers press option 3, it forwards to your NumberBarn voicemail

Of course, the above is just a sample – set it up with what makes sense for YOU!

The steps on HOW to set it up are outlined in this video below:

Want to take a bigger bite into the Auto Attendant Menu? Check this out:

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