3 Major Things You Should Know About Porting Out Your Number

Do you:

…feel like you’re alone if you run into issues porting your number away?

…remain fearful of reaching out to customer support because you can’t handle being ignored or given the runaround from another phone company?

…disregard knowledge base articles or blog posts that help guide you in the right direction to answering your questions because well, you don’t have time to read and things should just work?

…run fast to social media to leave a scathing review, thinking that will teach ’em a lesson for messing with you?

Hi, we’re NumberBarn. Real humans that give a $&%!.

And, we’d like to hug you.

Okay, that’s a wee bit awkward.

What we’re trying to say is that we care. We’ll answer your emails. We’ll answer your chat support. In the same business day that you write us.

We also know that porting a number away can sometimes turn into a waiting game. Take it from these reviews online:

“Takes them FOREVER to port number, be ready for min 10 days!”

“I’ve been trying to have a number I purchased from number barn ported to a business phone for 4 weeks! Absolute nightmare!”

“Do not park your number with this company you will never be able to port it out.”

We’re not oblivious to the negative reviews. We read them all. We learn from them. We often find that the negative reviews are written because something about the process was misunderstood.

However, YOU, yes YOU reading this, are going to be the most #NumberSmart individual around because THIS is your resource for porting out, setting expectations for ALL the things to help YOU have the most successful and swift port to your new provider.

Know About The Wait

3 to 7 business days, up to 10 business days

Porting a number away from NumberBarn to a new service provider will take 3 to 7 business days, up to 10 business days, from the date of submission. It does not happen overnight. It does not happen as fast as mobile numbers because numbers with NumberBarn are wireline numbers.

For example:

Your new provider sends us the request on Sunday, June 30th, 2019. Sundays are not business days. It can initially take up to 3 business days for your new provider’s request to even reach us. In this example, the port will likely reach us by Wednesday, July 3rd. We’ll review it to make sure the information on the request matches what is on file in your NumberBarn account (more on that below). The port status, either approved or rejected, will be emailed to you with instructions for next steps. If approved, the port will likely complete to your new provider within the following week, if not early into the next week.

Why does this take so long? Read this.

Know About The Provider

We can port your NumberBarn number to any provider that can support the number.

When porting to a new provider, it is up to you, the owner of the number, to make sure your new provider can support the rate center (city and state) of your number BEFORE you port it to them. To find out if they can support your number, just ask your new provider.

For example:

You’re eating at a cash only restaurant. You didn’t know about that before you sat down to lunch. The bill comes and you hand over your credit card, which is all you have to pay with. The restaurant says “no way, get cash or else wash dishes.” You lift up your sleeves and grab the dish soap.

It’s your responsibility as the owner of the phone number (or the restaurant like in our example above) to ask what will be supported at that location. Give your new provider a call/chat/text/email and ask them if they can support the rate center of your number on their network. Do this BEFORE you buy your number from us. That way, you know in advance.

What determines a rate center? Watch this.

Know About The Info

The name, address, account number and PIN on the port request must match what is on file with NumberBarn.

The information on the new provider’s porting request (name, address, account number and PIN) MUST match what is on file within the NumberBarn system in order to be approved.

For example:

Your new provider sends over a request with this information:

  • Mr. Pig, 123 Main Street, San Diego, CA 92115
  • Account Number: 1234567
  • PIN: 0000

However, the information on your NumberBarn account is:

  • Mr. Pig, 647 Sunshine Street, Miami, FL 33131
  • Account Number: 5547584
  • PIN: 6578

The port will hands down be rejected because it does not match. This is for your security – we actually want YOU, the owner, to be porting your number, not someone trying to steal it.

We notify you via email about what is incorrect.

You then reach out and notify your new provider about what IS correct.

They make the corrections on the port request and resubmit to us for approval.

What other rejections might you face? Learn here.

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