Why We Don’t Have Phone Support

At NumberBarn offering amazing customer support is a top priority. But why do we limit our support to online communication? The bottom line is that phone support costs a lot of money. Many similar services do offer phone support—and their prices are at least double ours. Using inexpensive resources such as email and chat allows us to keep our overall pricing down while maintaining a reliable and innovative service. 95% of our customers never require support. We feel it doesn’t make sense to raise our prices for the 5% who occasionally do.

We’ve also found that this support method translates better for an online service like NumberBarn. Our team is able to easily access account details and system information so that they can troubleshoot effectively, and quickly answer your questions. We do understand for some, email is not the preferred way of receiving support, but we have not yet encountered an issue that we could not resolve with a customer via email.

Providing great customer support is important. Unnecessary price hikes are not. Don’t worry. We’re here for you.

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