Win the election with NumberBarn

Did you vote? 

Students at a Preparatory Academy in Los Angeles sure did.

Jada for President!

Jada’s father helped purchase a vanity toll free number from NumberBarn. He used the number on the $2/month Park plan as an inexpensive marketing tool to help his daughter with her recent school election.

He says, “She made flyers and buttons that said “Vote for Jada” by calling 1-866-VO7E-4-JADA. The flyers gave 7 reasons to vote for her. Hence the 7 in lieu of the “T” in the word Vote. She left a message on the NumberBarn phone number stating what she would do as president and she echoed that in her speech to the middle class students.

With so many communication savvy middle school kids, this is a no brainer, fun way to create buzz around the election. And guess what, Jada WON!

On to change the world, she is.

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Jenny Dempsey

Jenny Dempsey is the Customer Experience Manager for NumberBarn