Zoom Virtual Backgrounds Featuring The Pig

Your phone numbers are in the (washed) hands of our NumberBarn team.

As we work remote to support you, we’re having a little fun on our virtual team meetings creating our own Zoom Virtual Backgrounds featuring our mascot, The Pig.

Jenny Sue is meeting ready!

Download your favorite to use in your next team meeting. Learn how to apply it to your Zoom account using the instructions here.

A Classic

See a Movie

Rock Out at a Concert

Soak Up the Sunshine

Walk Like an Egyptian

Sunset on the Savanna

Feast on Cookies

We believe behind every telephone number there’s a beautiful idea, opportunity, or person. We strive to create those meaningful connections every day. To learn more about us, visit NumberBarn.com and follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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Written by

Jenny Dempsey

Jenny Dempsey is the Customer Experience Manager for NumberBarn