Yeehaw! We’ve Reached 1 Million Active Numbers!

And we couldn’t have done it without YOU! 

It’s No Tall Tale

Once upon a time, three friends got fed up with working for companies driven solely by profit margins and padded pocketbooks (you could call them the Big Bad Wolf.) In a stroke of defiance, they banded together, corralling their collective experience and resources to create their own company. The year was 2014 and they started from nothing but the dust on the ground and a pig named Portly to represent them.  

Raising the bar (and the barn), they dedicated their new company to creating a simple phone service that consistently delivers the best product, the best pricing, and the best experience possible. 

“What if we could create a company that offers maximum value without sacrificing our commitment to the people we serve?” Facilitating meaningful connections underlies all we do at NumberBarn, and we’re proud to say we’ve maintained this mission.

Building the Barn Out of Bricks

With less than 100 active telephone numbers in their first year as a company, NumberBarn’s survival didn’t look promising. But thankfully, the three friends (and Portly) persisted. 

And, thanks to YOU, we’re currently supporting over one million active telephone numbers! (Not including the countless numbers we’ve served through our porting and parking plans for nearly a decade.)

Our commitment to offering straightforward tools for phone number management while minimizing bloat in extraneous features enables us to offer budget-friendly, exceptional services and a five-star customer journey.

In an industry defined by numbers (so to speak,) NumberBarn will always revolve around YOU, our amazing customers. Thanks for being a part of this milestone moment!

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Melana Preston

Melana Preston is a lead Copywriter for NumberBarn and ClearHello. With her background in marketing and humanitarian work, she loves working for “a company that truly values people and meaningful connections.” When she’s not pun-tificating clever copy or dad jokes, you can find her lost behind her camera lens capturing a mountain or sunset.

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