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Introducing New Opportunities to Reach Your Leads and Contacts!

It’s a new year and we want to introduce you to new opportunities to maximize your contact and customer communications!

As a ClearHello company, we don’t want you to miss out on the countless invaluable resources available to you through our sister companies. Build your business and brand with our full suite of services. From intuitive voice and text solutions, to creating and sustaining a reputable online presence, we’ve got you covered! 

Together with our sister companies, we make strengthening your communications and expanding your visibility both easy and affordable. 

With no further adieu here’s a little bit more about how our team of companies can help you:

Stand out, while protecting your privacy

We’ll go first! We frequently pump the benefits of having an extra number, like marketability and protecting your privacy. But as a NumberBarn customer, did you know that call logs, call blocking, number security, customizable 30-second messaging, and access to the mobile app are included in ALL plans, including as a porting customer? 

Did you know that you can send and receive texts from your desktop or the mobile app, even while parking a number for just $2 a month? Did you know that NumberBarn can also help you keep your nostalgic landline and cut the landline bills? Most landline numbers are actually port-able, or you can forward calls from your landline to your mobile! 

And of course, with forwarding and unlimited plans, you can add up to 10 auto-attendant menu options to your number!

“What the heck is an auto-attendant menu?” “Press 1 to reach Sales, Press 2 for Tech Support” etc. (Yeah, that!) You can designate up to ten outside phone numbers to allow your callers to reach different members of your team, etc.

Find a custom vanity phone number to help your business stand out on ads, signage, websites, etc. Or help your customers feel confident in reaching you with a local or toll-free number. And, if you didn’t know, you can even consider reselling your old number(s) on our massive global phone number marketplace!

Let your phone system work for you

Do you have a team or multiple users that need access to your virtual phone system? With NumberGarage you can take the same great features from NumberBarn and expand your capacity and accessibility. 

Your highly-driven team needs to manage your business from remote locations across the city, state and country. Did you know you can connect them all without a dedicated office, adding hardware or increased expense? (And you can save a ton of money right now by switching from your current virtual phone system to NumberGarage!) On the road or in the home office, NumberGarage allows your team to manage calls, voicemail and text through a single business phone number. 

Advanced options like schedules, simultaneous rings, voicemail transcription and more, enable your company and team to stay flexible and accessible to your customer’s ever-changing needs. You can also manage multiple business phone numbers and multiple users under one account. And it works with your team’s existing cell phone service.

“What’s a schedule and simultaneous ring?” If you need to pre-set your incoming calls to direct to different individual users or groups of users, schedules and simultaneous rings might become a crowd favorite.

With schedules, you can set your call options to change depending on the time of day, so your voicemail can automatically change to an “after-hours” message. To ensure that your staff is reachable for urgent or emergency situations, you can set your calls to simultaneously ring a group of users at the same time. 

Keep your businesses and teams of all sizes flexible and connected from anywhere with NumberGarage, today! (Literally, today…or very soon…this is a not-so-subtle “hint, hint”! Don’t miss out on some limited-time fantastic pricing!)

Multiply your multitasking with texting superpowers

Enlarge your customer reach with String, a sister company of NumberBarn. If you like  NumberBarn’s calling and forwarding options, you’ll love String’s advanced and intuitive text and voice solutions. String’s cloud-based SMS platform provides ease-of-use and scalability for individuals, solopreneurs, and small businesses.

Foster loyal and faithful customers with automated, personalized text campaigns sharing discount codes, promos, coupons and more. Effortlessly organize contacts and target audiences with features like tags and lists. Create unlimited text templates to quickly send or reply to commonly asked questions, etc.

Did you know that SMS marketing not only has excellent conversion rates, but has a 98% open rate and 60x faster response rate than email marketing? String’s leading-edge text platform gives your business opportunities you can’t afford to miss! Check out five ways to boost your engagement through SMS marketing.

Send individual 1-to-1 texts, group or mass messages directly from your desktop or the mobile app. Keep your workflow efficient with customizable auto-replies for missed calls and texts, unlimited keywords for specific text campaigns (like “Text DEAL for your free deal of the day!”), tools for segmenting your contacts, and more.

String’s incredible versatility gives you flexibility at your fingertips. Empower your customer service, concierge, and dispatch to immediately respond to texts, calls and inquiries. See how retail, restaurants, contractors, real estate agents and more use String to excite their leads, contacts, customers and clients.

Build your brand, searchability and credibility

Get your idea off the ground in no time at all with DomainSpot’s budget-friendly, just-what-you-need domain, email and website builder options. DomainSpot brings you everything you need to easily introduce your vision to the world and immediately start communicating with your audience. 

Did you know that 75% of customers say email from a company’s custom domain makes the business feel more trustworthy?

Email from your custom domain helps clients know you mean business. For less than the cost of a fancy cup of coffee, you can add custom domain email service for up to five email addresses/mailboxes, with no complicated set-up! 

Launch a modern, responsive website in just a few clicks with our super-easy and comprehensive website builder. Choose from dozens of customizable templates with built-in tools for SEO, E-Commerce, Photography and Design Portfolios and more. 

Simply swap out the colors, fonts, images and logos without needing any previous design, web development or coding experience. 

Are you launching your Health and Wellness Company? Or building a grassroots non-profit? Don’t get bottlenecked waiting for complicated and expensive design and development. Industry-specific templates help anyone from hospitality professionals, to small business owners get their name and brand online in minutes.

Not ready to publish a website, but want to capture that amazing domain name before it’s gone? Or, maybe you already have a website but wish it had a different domain name? 

DomainSpot domain purchases and transfers include free parking and forwarding. Forward your domain to another website while your domain is parked with DomainSpot. No complex plugins or url redirect instructions, simply type in the website you want your domain to forward to, and that’s it.

Make your vision pawsible with DomainSpot!

Scale your hosting and security needs as you grow

Broadening your horizons? Don’t get tangled in the wrong setup for your rapidly growing needs. TierraNet is a full-service domain registrar offering advanced hosting, security and premium domains.

Keep your expanding and high-traffic website extra secure with a Virtual Private Server. Or, help your small enterprise save money with Shared Hosting.

If you don’t understand these phrases, DomainSpot might be just for you. We won’t try to explain the complexities of things like “DNS Management,” but…if you know, you know! And if you know…TierraNet might be for YOU! (Did you get all that?)

TierraNet can help you and your IT team navigate complex territories to get your hosting, web and domain needs where they can reliably grow with your company, cause or organization.

VPS, Shared Hosting, Extended SSL Security Certification, extensive email features and more make TierraNet ideal for your more technical hosting and web needs.

Say “Hello!” to ClearHello

Like NumberBarn, our sister companies offer no contract, no commitment, cancel at any time, month-to-month plans to help you respond to the evolving needs of your company, gig, or organization.

Got questions? Contact our five-star support team for help. We’re here for you!

We’re revamping a few of our sites and we can’t wait to share, so stay tuned!

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Melana Preston is a lead Copywriter for NumberBarn and ClearHello. With her background in marketing and humanitarian work, she loves working for “a company that truly values people and meaningful connections.” When she’s not pun-tificating clever copy or dad jokes, you can find her lost behind her camera lens capturing a mountain or sunset.