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How we do it

Through our relationship with multiple carriers and vendors, NumberBarn has created the world's largest marketplace for local and toll free phone numbers.

We've done the hard work of navigating the carrier networks on the backend so you can find your custom number from one simple search. Don't settle for a random phone number from your service provider.

Phone Number Porting 101

First things first: We'll get it ported for you, but it will take some time.

NumberBarn is providing access to millions of numbers previously unavailable to the general public. We'll have to order, secure and move the number to our carrier first before you can move it out to yours.

The NumberBarn Pig moving numbers to NumberBarn
Lesson 1: Timing

Shouldn't this take minutes?

We've all heard the romantic lore of "same day" transfers. Yes, same day transfers do happen, but the truth is only wireless to wireless transfers will happen within 24 hours. And not because wireless carriers care more about their customers, but because the Federal Communications Commision (FCC) and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) mandate it. We do our best, but NumberBarn is not a carrier. We are a service provider. We are subject to our vendor and carrier time frames. Most numbers will take 3 - 10 business days to activate. Porting to your new carrier will then take 3 - 7 business days to complete.

FCC - Porting: Keeping Your Phone Number When You Change Providers
CRTC - Switch Providers and Keep your Number

Lesson 2: Classification

Our Numbers are "wireline"

Yes, you can transfer a landline number to a wireless carrier*. NumberBarn's numbers are classified as landline or "wireline". Landline and VoIP transfers can take a minimum of 3 business days all the way up to 20 business days to complete. Even if porting to a wireless carrier. This is true for all landline carriers, not just NumberBarn. Not to worry! The Pig and our entire team are here to get your number moved out of the barn and over to your new carrier.

*Google Voice and Cricket wireless will only accept wireless or mobile numbers for porting.

different types of phones and devices

phone carriers are all different
Lesson 3: Carriers

All Carriers are DIFFERENT

Port out timing depends on the carriers. They all tend to work at different speeds, have different policies and don't always play together nicely. It's our goal to get your number ported ASAP, even if it means you are leaving NumberBarn. Our team has seen it all before and is dedicated to making sure your port completes as quickly as possible.

NumberBarn will allow a port out to any carrier. If you're not sure about your preferred carrier's support or porting policies, we strongly suggest asking them first.

Lesson 4: Port Process

Porting is NOT a Science

Port requests are sent from the gaining carrier directly to the losing carrier. Most service providers however, are not carriers. They are a "reseller" of a carrier and must wait for the carrier to let them know there is a port request. And many carriers use third-party services to handle their ports. So, your port goes from provider to carrier to carrier to third-party back to carrier back to provider and then, all the way back around. Confused yet? What this means is your port request can go through multiple layers, systems and hands before reaching NumberBarn, and vice versa.

NumberBarn Pig dressed as a scientist

the steps of purchasing and porting a phone number
Lesson 5: Activation Process

How it Works

  1. You select your custom phone number
  2. We secure it with our vendor
  3. We transfer it to our carrier
  4. We activate it and give you porting credentials
  5. You start the port in with your preferred carrier

Extra Credit: Our amazing support team works with you every step of the way!

Lesson 6: Ownership

Will I Own This Number?

Yes! You will own this number. Under the FCC's "local number portability" (LNP) rules, you are legally able to keep your number when you move or change phone companies. You can transfer it to any phone service that will accept it. And once the number has left NumberBarn, you are no longer billed, bound or connected to our service in any way.

We give you the keys to your phone number

Superhero Pig
Lesson 7: NumberBarn

We'll get it ported for you

NumberBarn has taken our years of experience and created systems and automation designed to shorten the porting timeline as much as possible. There can be some manual intervention needed, but our support team is the best in the biz. We'll work hard on your behalf to get your number ported, even if it means getting down in the mud.


Phone Numbers

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Starting at $5 each*
Pricing varies per number

Port Away Plan

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with no further charges

Your total price will be the fee for your selected phone number plus the $2 Port Away Plan.

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*Just as sports cars are more expensive than economy cars, premium phone numbers will have a higher price tag.
Pricing is set by the individual vendor. Please review our Terms of Service and refund policy.

**If your number(s) do not port away within 30 days, you will be auto-converted to our Park plan and billed $2 per month until your number(s) port away.

Porting FAQs

What does "port my number" mean?

"Porting" simply means transferring your existing landline or cell phone number from one telephone service provider to another.

How long does this take?

Most numbers will take 3 - 10 business days to activate. Porting out to your new carrier will then take 3 - 7 business days to complete.

I'm porting away. Do I need to select a monthly plan?

Your phone number will need to be activated to port out to a new carrier. Selecting a plan allows the number to be activated on our system for porting.

Will my new carrier accept a phone number transferred from NumberBarn?

Check with you new carrier first. The majority of carriers will accept phone number transfers from NumberBarn. Some mobile carriers have policies that only allow them to port in "wireless" phone numbers. NumberBarn's numbers are classified as "wireline" and that classification can not be modified by NumberBarn.

What is a rate center?

A rate center is a geographically specific area used to determine the boundaries for local calling, billing and assigning phone numbers. Typically a call within a rate center is local, while a call from one rate center to another is a long-distance call. Rate center boundaries do not necessarily align with county or municipal boundaries. Landline phone service is bound by rate centers.

Can I port my toll free number to my wireless carrier for use on my cell phone?

No. Toll free numbers can not be ported to a wireless carrier. Toll free numbers can only be ported to a landline or VoIP carrier.

Is there a fee to port out to another provider?

There are no fees to port your number away from NumberBarn. Your new provider may charge a port in fee.

Can I port out a number to any phone?

Cellular phones and VoIP can be used with any number. However, landlines must be associated with an area code for the region it is in. So while you can use a California 951 area code for a cellphone or VoIP carrier in New York (as an example), you would need a local New York area code such as 646 for a landline.

Please note: Not every phone number in your area code will work at every address in your area code. This is true of all numbers in the country. If you move outside of your “rate center”, even your current landline number would not work at your new address. It has to do with the legacy telecom switch network. VoIP and wireless carriers are not bound by these restrictions. They use the internet and cell towers, respectively, independent of the telecom switch network.

Please contact your landline carrier first and ask them if the number you are interested in will work at the physical address you want your phone number to work at before ordering or buying your new phone number.

How do I port a number away from NumberBarn?

When you purchase a number, your NumberBarn account will have the information you will need to port the phone number to your new carrier. You will then provide this account information to the new carrier to port to their service.

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