Behind the Scenes: What really happens when you port a number to NumberBarn

Your VIP pass to all things porting to NumberBarn.

What really happens behind the scenes when you port a number to NumberBarn?

Come on backstage for the real deal.

You want to port your number from another provider to NumberBarn

You start a port request with NumberBarn and submit your name, address, account number and PIN that is currently on file with your current provider.

Each port request that you submit is an order.

Watch this step by step guide to get started:

Take 1: Winners and Losers

It’s all business!

NumberBarn is considered “the gaining/winning provider” since we’re the provider who has the honor to be “gaining/winning” you and your phone number as our customer. Yeehaw!

Your current provider referred to as “the losing provider” in this case, as they are losing your business. Sad panda!

Once you authorize your port request to NumberBarn, either using our phone code option OR sending over a Letter of Authorization and recent copy of bill, our system sends an automated request to our carrier.

From there, another automated request goes to the carrier of your losing provider for an approval.

The information on your NumberBarn port request must match what is on file with the losing service provider.

Take 2: Carrier Pigeons

No, we’re not talking about pigeons, though homing pigeons are pretty fascinating.

We’re talking about service providers and carriers.

Most service providers, like NumberBarn, have a carrier that oversees the phone numbers.

Think of the relationship between a carrier and a service provider like this:

You go to the grocery store to buy your favorite box of cereal, Frosted Piggy Os.

The grocery store sells Frosted Piggy Os. but they don’t actually MAKE it.

The cereal manufacturer makes Frosted Piggy Os.

In that example above, the “service provider” is the grocery store – it is who you pay your bill to.

The “carrier” would be the cereal manufacturer.

Take 3: Jazzercise

Get your Spandex on – it’s time to keep things active!

Your phone number must stay active with the losing provider for the duration of the port request.

This means: don’t cancel with your provider until the number transfers to NumberBarn.

Take 4: Waiting Game

The porting process takes up to 10 business days to complete.

Sometimes it is faster.

Take 5: Getting Bumpy

Surprise! There’s a bump on the road.

If the port request runs into any issues along the way, it will be referred to as a rejection.

NumberBarn will reach out to you with steps to guide you in resolving the rejection with your current provider.

Take 6: What the FOC

We’re not cussing at you!

FOC: Firm Order Commitment Date

The FOC date is the scheduled date that has been assigned to your phone number to complete port away from your existing provider to NumberBarn.

A day of celebration!

We notify you of the FOC date via the contact email on file in your NumberBarn account.

On the actual FOC date, we notify you again via email between 8am and 4pm Pacific time, once your number is secure with NumberBarn.

You can then cancel your account with the losing service provider and use your number with NumberBarn.


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