Do I cancel my service before or after the port? Or do you do it?

“Your FAQs say ‘NumberBarn does not cancel your previous service on your behalf’. What does that mean?”

We get a lot of questions about the process for cancelling the previous service when porting a phone number. Because all carriers tend to handle port outs differently, they also treat cancellations differently as well.

Don’t cancel the previous service until the number has transferred

This is the number one piece of information we give out: Don’t cancel your service until AFTER the number has transferred. Once you have cancelled your service, you are returning your phone number to the carrier. You will no longer own that number. You won’t be able to transfer it. Think of it like a car. If you sell your car, you can’t go take out the stereo days later. It’s no longer your car.

Don’t expect your old carrier to automatically cancel your service

Porting away the only phone number in your current account? Seems reasonable that your carrier will assume you no longer want their service. They should close your account accordingly. Not so fast! Even without a number, activity or need, your account can continued to be billed. Don’t assume they will do the right thing. Be sure to verify your account is closed with your carrier after the transfer is complete.

Your carrier may cancel your entire account

Many of us have “bundled” services (such as phone, internet and TV) and pay a package price. You’ve decided you no longer need that landline phone and transfer the number away. Your carrier has tied that phone number to your ENTIRE account. When it leaves, they cancel all your services. No internet and no TV. Not a fair trade, but easily preventable. Contact your carrier first and ask them how you can leave your other services intact.

NumberBarn can’t cancel your previous service

When you authorize NumberBarn to port your phone number, that is simply all we can do. In this day and age of identity theft and hacking, a little security is welcomed. Regulations prevent carriers from updating or accessing your account details. We are submitting a request to transfer your number. That’s it. We are never authorized to cancel or modify your account. When I go to my dentist, I’m glad they don’t decide to operate on my knee.

Ask your carrier what you should do first

This is the best advice we can give anyone. Any hiccups in the porting process can be prevented by asking first. Let your carrier know you want to port your number away. They may have specific instructions you need to follow. Getting it right the first time can save you from time wasting rejections.

And remember, be nice. We’re here to help.

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