Am I Porting, Parking, or Forwarding?

“I’m not sure if I want porting, parking or call forwarding. Can you tell me what these words mean?”

We see a lot of confusion when it comes to terms like porting, parking, and forwarding. Are we transferring a number, or porting a number? Is a number parked with forwarding features, or is it transferring calls after it ports? One of the biggest hurdles customers have when transferring phone numbers to NumberBarn is not completing the simple sign up, but understanding phone company jargon. Since the ability to keep your phone number is fairly new, most consumers are still confused about their options.

Good News. It’s just a phone number, not agricultural science. So, let’s define basic terms.

Porting means transferring your existing landline or cell phone number from one telephone service provider to another. Imagine you have cell phone service with Acme Mobile, but AAA Wireless offers a better deal. You would “port” your phone number from Acme to AAA. Your phone number would no longer be associated with Acme Mobile once completed.

Parking means storing a number with so you maintain ownership. Sometimes you may find yourself in a transition. Have you ever moved, and weren’t quite sure what to do with your phone number but didn’t want to lose it? Once you cancel your landline, you lose that phone number. Parking is a NumberBarn service that maintains your ownership of a number while inexpensively storing it. Once you’re ready to use the number again, you can port it to a new carrier, and establish active phone service.

Forwarding means calls are transparently forwarded to your number of choice. NumberBarn will accept incoming calls to your phone number, and direct them to ring another phone number. This requires active phone service to accept the forwarded call (such as your cell phone). Call forwarding is a cheaper alternative to monthly service with larger carriers. If you have a cell phone, you can easily setup NumberBarn call forwarding and skip the pricey monthly bill associated with two lines. Please note: using our call forwarding service requires porting your phone number to NumberBarn.

We started NumberBarn with one idea in mind: Simplified Communications.

We know that understanding the process is more than half the battle. Here at NumberBarn, we continuously work to simplify the porting process, educate, and empower our customers through simplified communications. NumberBarn is the first of its kind to offer the largest searchable database of Toll-free, U.S. and Canadian local numbers. With nearly 14 million numbers be the first to Port, Park, Find or Forward your number today.

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