Customer Profile: Meet Ana Solis

Ana Solis

Sydney, Australia

NumberBarn spoke with Ana, world traveler and new customer, about how service from NumberBarn works for her.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

We are originally from Houston, Texas and have kept our original 713 cell number out of convenience and sentimental reasons for many years and during various moves.  713 numbers are no longer issued in Houston and it was very important to us that we maintain our numbers, almost like having a little piece of home which each move.  Relocating once again, this time from Portland, Oregon to Sydney, Australia for work, the task of porting our numbers was definitely on our checklist.  Paying our phone bill while getting our porting situation sorted was very expensive and living in Sydney is already very expensive.

What was the reason that you chose NumberBarn?

Someone suggested we try NumberGarage and so I went through their online process.  We received an email saying that the pin associated with our phone was incorrect so I made a call to our phone provider to verify the pin.  With the time difference, making the call took a little more planning but I did manage to speak with a representative who confirmed both verbally and via text that the pin we had provided was correct.  I assumed there must have been another issue as to why NumberGarage was having issues porting our phone but now I knew that it wasn’t because of a wrong pin. I assumed that I could contact a representative and figure out what the issue was or point me in the right direction as to how to proceed.  Surprisingly, I was not able to reach them.  For two weeks, I would early in the morning so I could catch them before closing hours (time difference) and would always receive the same voicemail message with an old date, that the entire company was out traveling.  I then tried various other methods to contact someone via email, text and social media.  I even went onto LinkedIn and found the owner and emailed him directly.  I was so baffled as to why I couldn’t contact anyone.  After two weeks and seeing the credit card charge go through and paying for another expensive phone bill, my patience had run out.  I was frustrated that I had just paid for something that I didn’t receive but my main concern was figuring out someone that could help me.  That’s when I went online and found NumberBarn.  I attempted to port our numbers on the website and received a message the numbers were unavailable for porting.  I realized that our numbers were stuck in limbo with NumberGarage.  At this point, I really panicked. I sent a message through the NumberBarn website and was thrilled beyond thrilled that Matthew replied.  He was so friendly and helpful that it just felt complete relief.  Just the thought that there was someone else looking into my issue, trying to help me and communicating felt so good.

In the end, our numbers were successfully ported, using the same PIN and it only took a few days.  We did hear back from the original rep from NumberGarage and he said that the whole company was indeed traveling for a few weeks abroad and they didn’t have internet access.  He said that the lack of internet issue was unexpected so I’m assuming that’s why they didn’t update their voicemail or set an out of office message.  We did get a refund from them and were able to cancel our expensive phone bill.  All in all, it worked out in the end.

Would you recommend NumberBarn to others?

As for recommending NumberBarn, I already have.  I posted a message on my Facebook page and let my sales team friends at Ruby Receptionists know about your great service.


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