Track Service Business Marketing Performance with Phone Numbers

Joe, the owner of Hidden Meadows Heating & Air, wanted to take control of his marketing dollars, but with a service business it’s harder to track the source of customer calls. “It’s not as simple as tracking clicks in Google when you pick up your phone,” Joe commented. So, instead of just guessing he decided to take advantage of NumberBarn and be Number Smart. At only $6/month NumberBarn will forward calls from one phone number to another, and this gave Joe an idea. “If I place a different number in each of my print ads, I can track how many minutes I used at the end of the month, and how many calls I received from each ad.”

Within five minutes Joe had logged in, selected a new phone number (already having transferred his main business line to NumberBarn), and forwarded it to his cell phone. “It was literally that fast,” he offered. “Why didn’t I think of this earlier? Now with NumberBarn I have a better sense for where my dollars are best spent in advertising, and it only costs an extra $6/month per number. Compared with the price of the ad, it’s nothing to see how effective it is in generating calls,” he said.

Be like Joe, and be Number Smart with Number Barn. Stop guessing whether those ads are working. Stop wondering which ads are underperforming. With NumberBarn you can gain visibility into print ads, because not everybody wants to visit a website…some people still actually like to talk on the phone.

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