Got “Distinctive Ring” on your number? Read this.

To answer or not to answer…that is the question.

Distinctive Ring allows you to have up to two different telephone numbers assigned to one phone line, each number with its own fancy schmancy ring pattern.

Wikipedia says, “For example, if two or three people, as roommates, share a residence, each can have his/her own telephone number, and a phone set in his/her own bedroom, equipped with a “ring selector” that is set to filter out all but one particular ringing pattern. When an incoming call rings with a pattern other than the one selected, the telephone set connected to the device would not ring at all, sparing the occupant an intrusion.

While NumberBarn does not offer this service, the provider you’re with right now may offer it.

And, if you try to port that number to NumberBarn, you may want to disable or change it in advance.

Our customer, who is porting their phone number to us, reached out to with these words of wisdom:

According to my phone company, I will need to turn my 2nd “distinctive ring” number into a separate phone line account (at a fee of $50 to $60) before I can port it over.

So – to be proactive, in the event you will be porting your distinctive ring phone number to NumberBarn, check with your current service provider first to ensure it is portable.

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