Have a Service Bundle? Read This Before You Port Your Number

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and cable service bundles…

…these may or may not be a few of our favorite things…

Do you have a service bundle with your landline number?

A service bundle usually contains internet and/or cable service.

When you transfer your number away from the bundle, your provider may decline the initial port request causing a “pending order” and ask you what you’d like to do with your remaining service. Pending orders can also refer to service or address changes on your account. NumberBarn then reaches out to you via the email address on your account to let you know the number port has been rejected. The orders must be cleared before the number is transferable.

Some providers will not reject your port request with a “pending order” but instead, approve it. This is great, until the day your number ports to NumberBarn, you no longer have internet or cable service. So, remember this:

It’s always best to check with your current provider first before transferring a number away from a bundled package to avoid any interruptions with your service.

Don’t let this stop you from porting your number, however.

There are ways to make this work. You’ll want to speak with your current provider and ask them how their system will allow you to port your number and keep your service at the same time. Your port will then be successful. Now, you can go back to cuddling with bundles of sweet kittens.

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