Here’s How to Text With Your Phone Number

Relax & Text!

Yes, you can send and receive text messages on any US or Canadian local number* within your NumberBarn account.

This applies if you port a landline number to us. Maybe it didn’t receive text messages before but now, it will.

Sending and receiving text messages can be done in any of the following ways:

  • Via the NumberBarn mobile app
  • Logged into your NumberBarn account on your favorite mobile browser
  • Logged into your NumberBarn account on your computer

The choice belongs to you!

The video above walks you through every step of the process and you can read the instructions below.

Here’s How to Send Text Messages

  • To send a text message, login to your NumberBarn account via your computer, SmartPhone browser or the NumberBarn mobile app.
  • Select the Messages icon from the navigation bar.
  • Select the number from which you will be sending a message. If you have multiple numbers in your account, they will appear in this drop down menu. **Note you cannot send messages from Toll Free Numbers.
  • Select the Start New Message icon to the right.
  • Enter the phone number of the party to which you’ll be sending your message.
  • Click the blue arrow to proceed.
  • Type your message.
  • When complete, click the blue arrow to send.

Here’s How to Check Your Text Messages

Text messages will arrive in the Messages section for your NumberBarn account.

  • Login to your NumberBarn account via your computer, SmartPhone browser or the NumberBarn mobile app.
  • Select Messages from the navigation bar.
  • Select on your desired message to open.
  • Type your reply into the message text field.
  • Select the blue arrow to send your reply.

Here’s How to Configure Text Message Notifications

  • In your NumberBarn account, click on the Voicemail & Text tab under your phone number. (If you have multiple phone numbers, click on the number you would like to edit first to show the number settings)
  • You will see the setting for Forward text to email with a setting for On or Off. Click the button to turn on or off.
  • Setting up the email address to receive messages
  • Enter your email address you would like to receive the forwarded SMS messages to the right of the label Email all messages to.
  • If you would like to add an additional email to receive the messages, click the +Add button to reveal a second field for an email address.
  • Don’t forget to click the Save Changes button.

You can customize settings on your SmartPhone to alert you when an SMS notification is received. How? The links below will guide you!

iPhone Users

Add “” as a VIP in Apple Mail. Instructions on this process can be found here. That way, when you receive an SMS email notification, a custom alert will display on your phone to let you know a message is waiting. Sounds can also be added.

Android Users

Set up VIP notifications in the Email app to let you know when “” has delivered a fresh SMS your way. Instructions on this process can be found here.

Gmail Users

Create a VIP Label in Gmail to filter messages from “” to your Inbox. You can also customize a sound to let you know a message is waiting. Detailed instructions on this process can be found here.

*SMS applies to local numbers only. Toll free numbers are not eligible for SMS at this time. 

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